Курсы Английского в Цюрихе

Индивидуальное обучение в небольшой группе из 2-5 человек

Высокое качество: курсы английского в центре города, преподаватели с университетским образованием в области лингвистики.

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Английский курс в Цюрих

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Качественное преподавание

Индивидуальный опыт

  • Фокус на разговорной речи и произношении
  • Маленькие группы 2-5 участников
  • Преподаватели с университетским образованием в области лингвистики
  • Центральное местоположение
  • Бесплатный пробный урок

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Учителя с университетским образованием

Вас будут обучать только тщательно отобранные преподаватели с университетским образованием в области лингвистики.

Фокус на устной речи

Устная речь лежит в основе нашего метода обучения: только разговаривая, вы можете научиться говорить.

Максимум 2-5 участников

Для нас важно качество преподавания, поэтому мы формируем группы от 2 до 5 участников.

Быстрое продвижение

Мы не разделяем содержание каждого уровня на несколько частей. Другими словами, мы всегда стремимся пройти один уровень в одном курсе, т.е. в языковой школе VOX вы не столкнетесь с такими категориями курсов, как A1.1 или A1.2.

Центральное расположение

Школы находятся в нескольких минутах езды от центрального железнодорожного вокзала Цюриха и Винтертура.

Пробный урок

Если вы не уверены стоит ли начинать курс, мы всегда можем организовать для вас пробный урок бесплатно.


  • 1 месяц
  • 4 или 5 уроков в неделю
  • 20 уроков по 135 мин.
  • максимум 5 участников
  • Стоимость CHF 820.- / часть
    (макс. 3 части)
  • Полная стоимость CHF 2'460.-
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  • 2 месяца
  • 3 урока в неделю
  • 24 урока по 120 мин.
  • максимум 5 участников
  • Стоимость CHF 790.- / часть
    (макс. 3 части)
  • Полная стоимость CHF 2'370.-
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  • 3 месяца
  • 2 урока в неделю
  • 24 урока по 90 мин.
  • максимум 5 участников
  • Стоимость CHF 735.- / часть
    (макс. 3 части)
  • Полная стоимость CHF 2'205.-
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Индивидуальный урок

  • Гибкий график
  • Гибкая продолжительность курса
  • Индивидуальные цели
  • Полное внимание учителя
  • Стоимость за 60 минут CHF 120.-
  • Скидки доступны при посещении 20 и более уроков
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На основе содержания

Стоимость языкового курса всегда привязана к размеру группы и содержанию курса. Мы начинаем групповые курсы только с 2 студентами (максимум 5) и стремимся пройти один уровень в рамках одного курса.

Availavle Courses List

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Цюрих Централ Цюрих Энг

Learning English in Zurich: Where should I start?

As Zurich is rapidly evolving into a largely international city, there seems to be no way around finally learning the English language. As a consequence of this, the number of possible courses has also increased, which complicates the process of finding the ideal course for your personal learning targets even further. But where do you start when you cannot see the wood for the trees? In order to learn a language as efficiently and goal oriented as possible a wide range of key factors should be covered, for example personal learning targets, time planning, group size, teachers’ professionalism, and ample speaking opportunities. At VOX, we highly value helping you to speak confidently with the help of our self-developed teaching method – and this without wasting your precious time (and money).

The teacher: the ideal profile

Finding an English course in Zurich usually does not pose a challenge. This can unfortunately not be rendered true when looking for the ideal teacher. Throughout the process of choosing the perfect teacher for you, it is crucial to pay close attention to appropriate qualifications. It is often the case that native speakers have mastered English without any difficulties, yet they struggle when trying to make the underlying structure of a language tangible for their students. The result: an endless game of unspecific explanations, dull grammar exercises, and tremendous frustration. How are you supposed to acquire English with all its nuances, when the teacher merely learned the language by imitating other native speakers?

And what can you do when the teacher is indeed qualified, but the chemistry is just not right? For this reason, our success management team will reach out to you throughout the progression of your English course to ensure the highest quality possible. Open and regular communication with our students is thus essential, as nobody else but you can communicate best if you are pleased with your course and moving closer to your goals day by day. If it is in fact the case that you do not see eye to eye with your teacher, our team at VOX Zurich will help you find a more suitable teacher and the ideal solution for you as quickly as possible.

Group size: a lack of speaking results in a lack of learning

Essential key factors for successful learning cannot be implemented in big groups due to logistical factors, which especially prevents regular opportunities for active speaking. At worst, students feel lost in big groups and can only be supported toa minor degree by their teacher. For our English courses in Zurich, we thus consciously form groups of only max. five students. The teacher is therefore able to focus on your personal needs and the course is specifically tailored and adjusted to your individual learning process. Our small group sizes enable a speedy acquisition of the target language, which results in you being able to use English flexibly and confidently in various everyday situations within a short amount of time.

Our target-oriented lesson design without overcrowded classrooms is also reflected in our course planning. Your learning process is considerably accelerated due to close collaboration with your teacher, which makes it possible to cover a full level in just 1-3 months. As a result, sublevels such as A.1, A.2, A.3 etc. become redundant. It is not going to be necessary to book pricey continuation courses, as you enjoy the undivided attention of your teacher and complex structures are explained using a clearly structured teaching method.

Motivation and psychological barriers: Feeling stuck when speaking English?

You have now finally found your ideal English course, but still feel not confident enough to actually speak your target language. You are constantly wondering what the reason for this could be? The issue might sound rather complicated but can be easily solved: psychological barriers. These barriers, which significantly impact and impede your learning process, only develop in adolescence. For this reason, children do not seem to face any issues when learning languages and they integrate highly complex structures effortlessly into their preexisting language system. Our team at VOX is highly aware of these psychological challenges and has developed special strategies to actively counteract these barriers, making English speaking as easy as winking.

Just as important as bursting these psychological barriers is targeting one’s intrinsic motivation. Learning a new language is indeed time-consuming and can easily fall into the background due to various personal reasons. In order to perpetuate your motivation and avoid a vicious circle of frustration from the onset, we define your personal motivation in the first lesson with you, as well as your individual learning objectives. Throughout your course, we are constantly pursuing your goals with the help of efficient and scientifically proven strategies.

Personal learning targets: Improving your English level or rather striving for an official certificate?

English course does not equal English course. When looking for an English course it is crucial to pay close attention to your personal learning targets. Most people pursue the goal of improving their level in general to ensure smooth communication within the English language. However, you would rather like to prepare for an official exam (e.g. Cambridge Certificate) or improve certain terminology for your everyday life at work? At VOX, we can provide enough flexibility to actively tackle specific areas of the English language, which is mainly the result of our small group sizes – as always with the full attention and support of the teacher.

Central location: Nobody likes travelling for hours

Living and working in Zurich can indeed be hectic. Often, it already proves to be difficult to integrate an English course into an already busy schedule. The location of VOX Zurich could however not be more central, as the school is located right at Zurich Central in the historic Polybahn building. VOX Zurich can also be reached by foot in only a few minutes from Zurich Main Station. You urgently have to go on a business trip, or you would like to visit your family? Thanks to our innovative digital board you can continue attending your English course, irrespective of your own location. Consequently, nothing seems to be standing in the way of successfully learning the English language – and this can be taken literally.

85 учителей

Каждый учитель, работающий в Языковой Школе VOX, имеет опыт в сфере лингвистики и увлекается языками. Чтобы присоединиться к команде, они должны пройти трудное полуторачасовое собеседование, в ходе которого мы рассматриваем самые разные темы - от фонетики и грамматики до мотивационной психологии.

Многим людям трудно учить Английский из-за психологических барьеров, мешающих им активно разговаривать. В Языковой Школе VOX мы разработали методику, которая дает Вам возможность преодолеть любые трудности, с которыми Вы можете столкнуться при поиске наиболее эффективного способа обучения разговорной речи. Наши преподаватели будут постоянно обращать внимание на ваши индивидуальные потребности в обучении, что гарантированно приведет вас к успеху.

Устная речь - самая естественная функция языка. Вы можете научиться играть на инструменте, только активно занимаясь. По аналогии, вы можете научиться говорить на языке только активно употребляя его в устной речи - а не слушая, читая или записывая. После тренировки связей между мозгом и мышцами, ответственными за речь, можно создавать красиво звучащие предложения. В языковой школе VOX Вы научитесь активно говорить, а понимание, чтение и письмо придут легко вслед за речью.

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