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Abdul Hafeez Abdul Hafeez

They are best in their profession!!!

Christophe Petignat Christophe Petignat

(Translated by Google) Very happy with the classes at VOX Sprachschule. Nice and professional teacher. Course in small groups. I recommend. (Original) Très content des cours effectués auprès de VOX Sprachschule. Professeure sympa et professionnelle. Cours en petits groupes. Je recommande.

Natasha Bulajic Natasha Bulajic

(Translated by Google) Great school - courteous, flexible and understanding. Very great, very qualified teaching program !! In short, this school does not need advertising - its results speak for themselves👍👌 we can only recommend the school. Thank you for the commitment and the great experience at how easy and intensive it is to learn the German language at your school. Great praise! (Original) Ganz tolle Schule - zuvorkommend, flexibel und verständnisvoll. Ganz tolles, sehr qualifiziertes Lehrprrsonal!! Kurz-diese Schule braucht keine Werbung - ihre Ergebnisse sprechen für sich👍👌wir können die Schule nur weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank für das Engagement und die tolle Erfahrung, wie einfach und doch intensiv die deutsche Sprache zu erlernen ist an Ihrer Schule. Grosses Lob!

Gyalchen Tenzinkang Gyalchen Tenzinkang

My experience with Tanja has been exceptional for the following reasons: - She always makes sure that we have actually understood the chapter. - She also goes a mile further and sends us exercises that helps us a lot, resulting with us improving. - She is very patient with every student and does not rush the class. - Her style of teaching is very refreshing and makes it easy for me to understand better. - If one is lacking somewhere, she will explain it again and again. As someone who lacks in this language, she is the perfect teacher that will correct you but will not make you feel you are less than anyone else.

Abu Fahad Muhammad Hammad Uddin Abu Fahad Muhammad Hammad Uddin

They are best in their profession... :) <3

Nikita Naidenov Nikita Naidenov

Very professional and individual approach to the students

idolezal idolezal

Good school with enthusiastic and well-prepared teachers. Working in small groups is efficient.

Ozlenen M Ozlenen M

(Translated by Google) I am very happy with my teacher Agnieszka. After each lesson, I notice that I am learning a lot because she does it very well. So my feeling is that the school works with very successful, professional teachers. I recommend the VOX school to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. (Original) Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Lehrerin Agnieszka. Nach jedem Unterricht merke ich, dass ich viel lerne weil sie das ganze einfach sehr gut macht. Deshalb ist mein Gefühl, dass die Schule mit sehr erfolgreichen, professionellen Lehrern arbeitet. Ich empfehle die Schule VOX jeden, der eine Fremdsprache lernen möchte.

Heather Bruderer Heather Bruderer

I am currently doing a B2 German course with 3 other students online. All the other courses I have done in other schools have been in much larger groups. I feel that the course is more tailored to us as individuals and I’m learning more as a result. Agi is an excellent teacher! She explains everything clearly, allows us to practise and corrects our mistakes without destroying confidence. This has been perfect for me as a refresher course but you would have to be motivated to do extra homework if everything were new as the speed is quite fast. I am finally getting to grips with cases and am slowly learning to speak with fewer grammatical errors. I would highly recommend Vox to those who want to learn quickly and want to improve their speaking ability.

sara parand sara parand

I am very pleased with this school as well as Juliana Müller, she is wonderful, the best teacher possible.

Stefano Paci Stefano Paci

I honestly have to say I’m truly satisfied by the course you are providing. Cristina is a highly professional teacher and she really cares about our improvements. She is always at your disposal for any request and despite the limited time available she does manage to organize the lessons in order to cover both theory and practice. In addition, I think there is a perfect balancing of homework load, always with a view to the achievements of the objectives required to prepare for the A1 exam.

Nina E. Nina E.

Ich bin zufrieden mit dem Kurs. Am besten hat mir die Flexibilität gefallen. Ich hoffe, ich bin meinem Ziel genug nah, um die Prüfung im C1 zu bestehen.  Spontan fällt mir nichts ein, was Sie hätten besser machen können. Deshalb: Daumen hoch!!

Shireen Frei Shireen Frei

The course is going very well, Olga is a great teacher. I'm generally quite happy with the online option, although I prefer face to face. Olga adapts to my needs, corrects my errors spotting. She does her job well and I am making progress.

Sophie Nguyen Sophie Nguyen

I am very happy with Cristina’s courses, she is always very dynamic, always pays attention to both our grammar and pronunciation, and makes all of us practice speaking.

Livio Pavesi Livio Pavesi

(Translated by Google) I completed the English course at level B1 at the Vox language school in Winterthur. In one-to-one lessons, I worked with lecturers who have a very high level of expertise. Lessons are adapted to individual needs. The lecturers were able to respond to my needs very well. Due to my previous knowledge, I had no problems with the text and reading comprehension. Thus, during the lesson I was able to concentrate mainly on speaking. (Original) Ich absolvierte den Englischkurs auf dem Niveau B1 bei der Vox-Sprachschule in Winterthur. Im Einzelunterricht arbeitete ich mit Dozenten zusammen, welche eine sehr hohe Fachkompetenz aufweisen. Der Unterricht wird auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse angepasst. Die Dozenten konnten auf meine Bedürfnisse sehr gut eingehen. Durch meine Vorkenntnisse hatte ich keine Probleme mit dem Text- und Leseverständnis. Somit konnte ich mich während dem Unterricht hauptsächlich auf das Sprechen konzentrieren.

Mahira Ansari Mahira Ansari

They are best in their profession!!!

Vicky B Vicky B

I've been working as an English teacher at VOX since January 2020 and have had an extremely positive experience. The communication between teachers and the administrative team has been quick and easy and the teaching method we use is very successful. It's a pleasure to work with hard-working, motivated students and teachers alike. I'm lucky to work as part of such a great team.

Jessica Wood Jessica Wood

I've been very impressed with VOX Sprachschule Zürich. I started A1 classes in a small group lesson in February, then the pandemic hit and my courses were moved online. My teacher, Maximilianno (Maxi) Nigg, is fantastic! The classes are challenging but so helpful and my confidence in German continues to grow. I would recommend VOX and specifically Maxi to anyone who is looking to learn German.

Nathalie D. N. Nathalie D. N.

(Translated by Google) A unique school where teaching is fun! I particularly appreciate the focus on speaking and small classes. This is where every student gets his word. I'm happy to be part of the Vox team. (Original) Eine einzigartige Schule, an der das Unterrichten Spass macht! Ganz besonders schätze ich den Fokus auf das Sprechen und die kleinen Klassen. Hier kommt wirklich jeder Schüler zu Wort. Ich freue mich, dass ich Teil des Vox-Teams sein darf.

elodie mermet elodie mermet

I really appreciated to learn at Vox-Sprachschule. Learning in small groups is far more efficient and motivating compared to big groups where the levels of the students are too differents. The organisation was very flexible and fund great solutions to fit both mine and the school interests. They were very reactive against corona situation. I really recommend this school and my great teachers Cedric and Kristina.

Cedric Balsiger Cedric Balsiger

(Translated by Google) A modern, "crisp", dynamic, flexible and very likable school, where teaching and working with the behind-the-scenes teams is great fun! A great job that I can definitely recommend (Original) Eine moderne, "knackige", dynamische, flexible und sehr sympathische Schule, an der das Unterrichten und die Zusammenarbeit mit den Teams hinter den Kulissen enormen Spass macht! Ein toller Arbeitsplatz, den ich auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen kann

Guzel Kh Guzel Kh

I went to VOX for A2-B2 German courses and I plan to continue taking another courses with this school. I did not like classes in Bellingua and Vox, unlike Bellingua, is very flexible and found a perfect option for me. I had a great teacher Nathalie, the groups were always small (2-3 people in my case). So there is enough attention for everyone. We spoke a lot at the class and did not spent time doing boring grammar exercises. What is very important is that the school has adapted very fast and well to the corona-reality. The distant learning is organized perfectly, as well as the classroom learning. I highly recommend Vox!

Kristina Denser Kristina Denser

(Translated by Google) As a teacher, teaching at VOX gives me incredible pleasure. Not only the organization is great, but also the groups that I was able to teach were very dynamic, motivated and entertaining. On the whole an excellent learning atmosphere. (Original) Als Lehrerin bereitet mir das Unterrichten bei VOX unglaubliche Freude. Nicht nur die Organisation ist top, sondern auch die Gruppen, welche ich unterrichten durfte, waren sehr dynamisch, motiviert und unterhaltsam. Im Grossen und Ganzen eine ausgezeichnete Lernatmosphäre.

Cesar Izzat Cesar Izzat

Review from my partner Kathleen Izzat I do feel that I am moving towards my goals with this language course and there is enough speaking practice. The lessons are interesting and Priska is very friendly and patient, often encouraging the students to find or to work out the correct answer by ourselves initially, then using help from co-students before stepping in to assist and advise. We are given plenty of relevant, everyday examples of the language in use and are supported well when we try to use German to describe our own experiences and thoughts. Looking back through the course book I can see that the new information being provided very cleverly flows throughout each chapter, as well as from chapter to chapter - it’s a well written course book. I would however, as a memory aid, prefer the book to be more colourful (for example, as in Hueber’s Schritte plus series) but that’s just my own preference. It’s not a problem though and it forces me to make my own notes, but that does take up a lot of home time on this intensive course. Overall though I am very pleased with this course

Thomas Caspar Thomas Caspar

Tatjana is a very good teacher. I'm moving forward with every lesson I've taken. There are tangible results shown are the end of every lesson.

Elliott Ash Elliott Ash

Ich lerne Deutsch! I am in the A1 class, which is being paid for by my employer. Thanks to VOX Sprachschule and especially to our teacher Stefan. I'm amazed by how much we have learned in just 6 weeks.

wp dragon wp dragon

They are best in their profession!!!

Larissa Riner Larissa Riner

Being a teacher at VOX is a very rich and joyful experience. The VOX method allows the students to get to meet a language from one of the most important sides of it – speaking. Back in the days, when I was learning English and French, a method such as the VOX-method would have helped me a lot and I would have loved to get to know it earlier. VOX provides a learning atmosphere that gives the students a chance to learn a language with a lot of motivation. One of the many advantages is also that the school is located right next to the train station and that is very convenient both for the students and the teachers.

Asia Asia

I did B2 German course and I absolutely recommend it. The course with Agnieszka has been amazing! Aga's teaching style is fantastic and she always manages to make learning pleasant and fun. I definitely improved my grammar skills which was what I was hoping for. One of my favorite parts is that Aga always uses examples from real life so I could implement what I had learned in the very same evening during conversations with my friends and family. That boosts motivation a lot. Plus the more 'dramatic' expressions (such as: dieser Zug ist abgefahren, hier hört der Spass auf) make it easier to remember and are fun to use afterwards. We were often asked what we would like to do more so I can't say anything was missing. I really wouldn't know how to improve the course, it was already above my expectations :)

Julijana Nella Julijana Nella

(Translated by Google) When I started learning German in January of this year, I met a teacher who was initially not very happy with him. After a few hours with Maxi, I realized that he had a different way of teaching. He didn't follow the examples in the book, he wanted to explain it to us in a more practical way so that we could think about it.  A very good teacher, but strict, it requires that we are always active. In other words, it's great for us students. I finished the B1 course with him. Thanks Max. "I think the online lessons are good, you should have them on offer. I would also like to take lessons from home in the future. I have seen many teachers and schools and Olga is perfect for me. Olga looks at what we do everyone separately needs and adapts to our individual wishes and that is unique. Olga is very hardworking and responds to our opinions. " (Original) Als ich im Januar dieses Jahres anfing, Deutsch zu lernen, traf ich einen Lehrer, der anfangs nicht sehr zufrieden mit ihm war. Nach ein paar Stunden mit Maxi wurde mir klar, dass er eine andere Art zu unterrichten hatte. Er hielt sich nicht an die Beispiele im Buch, er wollte es uns praktischer erklären, damit wir darüber nachdenken. Ein sehr guter Lehrer, aber streng, es erfordert, dass wir immer aktiv sind. Mit anderen Worten, es ist großartig für uns Schüler. Ich habe den B1-Kurs mit ihm beendet. Danke Max. "Den Online- Unterricht finde ich gut, ihr solltet das im festen Angebot haben. Ich würde den Unterricht in Zukunft auch von zu Hause aus machen wollen. Ich habe viele Lehrer und Schulen gesehen und Olga ist perfekt für mich. Olga schaut, was wir alle separat brauchen und passt sich unseren individuellen Wünschen an und das ist einzigartig. Olga ist sehr fleissig und geht auf unsere Meinungen ein."

Victor Haas Victor Haas

(Translated by Google) My teacher Priska is very nice and always patient. (Original) Meine Lehrerin Priska ist sehr nett und immer geduldig.

J Julien J Julien

Took a 1-1 course to prepare for the German C1 exam and I passed. Teacher Larissa was encouraging the whole time.

anna kofman anna kofman

Probably, the best language school in Zurich. I'm happy to share, that I passed my CAE with a C1 level! With Tatiana we have improved my English knowledge from B1 to C1 in 9 months. Great teacher and a great place. Highly recommend!

Oscar Mendo Diaz Oscar Mendo Diaz

I have done the C1 course with the teacher named Tatiana. I would gladly recommend it. Right from the beginning she studied carefully my case and prepared a course fitting perfectly to my needs. I am quiet satisfied with the outcome.

Chelsea Gurr Chelsea Gurr

Larissa was an excellent teacher! Highly recommend

Yoko A Yoko A

I took B1 course and the atmosphere was really good and our teacher was very kind. I enjoyed this class very much. Small group worked very good to me.

Oscar Martinez Oscar Martinez

The schools is very accommodating of my schedule and preferences. Overall it has been a great experience. I am very happy with my classes with Natalie. She strikes the right balance between grammar and speaking practice. She takes my feedback into consideration and I very much enjoy the learning experience. She is an excellent teacher, patient, knowledgeable, engaging and friendly. She makes learning fun and is definitely one of my all-time favorite teachers! I always look forward to my German classes.

Louise hansen Louise hansen

I feel that I am moving towards my goals, and that Maya is a great teacher. I get plenty of speaking practice, which is super. Maya asked for my goals in the beginning of the course, and she has done a great job in implementing the goals in her teaching.

Dimitris Hanazoglu Dimitris Hanazoglu

I did a German B2 superintensive course. Both my teachers were great. Remarkable skills of delivering the information, knowledgeable of the language , interested to make me learn. Very well organized school. Very strongly recommended.

Samantha Kuhnert Samantha Kuhnert

I came to this school with 0 knowledge of German. I was very nervous at the beginning but the teachers at this school are so welcoming and really make you feel at ease. I especially find Christina's teaching approach really great and feel Ive learnt so much in her classes (both private and joint classes). I couldn't recommend this school enough!

Katharina Kägi Katharina Kägi

(Translated by Google) The organization regarding course determination as well as communication and administration was flawless. I really enjoyed the French course with Olga, she always responded very well to me, which enabled me to achieve my personal learning goals. (Original) Die Organisation bezüglich Kursfindung sowie Kommunikation und Administration war einwandfrei. Der Französischkurs mit Olga hat mir viel Spass gemacht, sie ist immer sehr gut auf mich eingegangen, wodurch ich meine persönlichen Lernziele erreicht habe.

Isabel Ellenberger Isabel Ellenberger

(Translated by Google) I am super happy with Tatiana's lessons and cannot give her enough laurels. She is really very knowledgeable and can always answer my, sometimes strange questions as a linguist, wonderfully. Her knowledge of phonetics is also super helpful. I have the feeling that I am making good progress and I also feel very comfortable. A + for Tatiana! (Original) Ich bin super happy mit Tatianas Unterricht und kann gar nicht genug Lorbeeren an sie verteilen. Sie ist wirklich sehr sachkundig und kann meine, wohl manchmal etwas seltsamen Fragen als Linguistin, immer auch wunderbar beantworten. Ihre Phonetik-Kenntnisse sind auch super hilfreich. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich gute Fortschritte mache und fühle mich auch sehr wohl. A+ für Tatiana!

Claudio Bastos Lima Claudio Bastos Lima

(Translated by Google) I'm currently attending the Vox language school in Winterthur and can only recommend it to super nice people and they really help you reach your goal 👍👍👍😁😁😁 (Original) Ich besuche momentan die Vox- Sprachschule in Winterthur und kann es nur weiterempfehlen super nette Leute und sie helfen dir wirklich dein Ziel zu erreichen 👍👍👍😁😁😁

Débora Fernandes Débora Fernandes

(Translated by Google) I attended the German course B2 in Winterthur and I really liked it. Although the course is expensive, it is also efficient. The teaching method is suitable for each student and really contributes to the progress in the language. The teachers are competent and interested. (Original) Ich habe den Deutschkurs B2 in Winterthur besucht und es hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Obwohl der Kurs teuer ist, ist er auch effizient. Die Unterrichtsmethode ist für jeden Schüler geeignet und trägt wirklich zum Fortschritt in der Sprache bei. Die Lehrer sind kompetent und interessiert.

Maria Botchkareva Maria Botchkareva

Best language school in Zurich. My English and German course was exactly tailored to my needs. Cristina and Tatiana are really great teachers!

Jürg Vollenweider Jürg Vollenweider

(Translated by Google) For two years now, we have been attending an English language course every two weeks for a couple of years. For some time now with a very competent and sympathetic instructor. We are sure to enjoy a special course with her. Our aim is not to reach a high level within a very short time, but we always want to take a small step further and keep the English "warm". Even previous teachers were very competent and we have always had great fun, which in our eyes is also an essential factor. We can highly recommend the VOX language school. (Original) Wir besuchen zu zweit seit ein paar Jahren alle zwei Wochen einen Englischsprachkurs. Seit geraumer Zeit jetzt bei einer äusserst kompetenten und sympathischen Kursleiterin. Wir geniessen sicher einen etwas speziellen Kurs mit ihr. Unser Ziel ist es nicht, innert kürzester Zeit einen hohen Level zu erreichen, sondern wir möchten immer einen kleinen Schritt weiter kommen und das Englisch "warm" halten. Auch vorherige Kursleiter waren sehr kompetent und es hat uns immer grossen Spass gemacht, was in unseren Augen auch ein wesentlicher Faktor ist. Wir können die VOX-Sprachschule wärmstens empfehlen.

Michael Stähli Michael Stähli

VOX is not only a different school for people who want to learn a new language, but for teachers as well! Small groups, tailored courses and a focus on speaking provied a unique experience for everyone. I'm honoured to be part of the team!

Daniel Stolz Daniel Stolz

(Translated by Google) Good school with a teacher (Marcella) who is very professional. (Original) Bonne école avec un professeur (Marcella) qui est très professionnel.

Anika Heinrich Anika Heinrich

(Translated by Google) I really like the Swiss German course at Vox with Nataly. The usual dull memorization and editing of tasks to textbook is completely eliminated. Rather, emphasis is placed on the daily application and as Nataly pays much attention to the pronunciation and binds according to individual difficulties appropriate teaching materials and exercise variants. It is a class that is fun and where I feel well cared for. I gladly recommend the Vox language school. (Original) Der schweizerdeutsch Kurs bei Vox mit Nataly gefällt mir sehr. Das übliche stumpfe Auswendiglernen und Bearbeiten von Aufgaben nach Lehrbuch entfällt völlig. Vielmehr wird Wert auf die tägliche Anwendung gelegt und da achtet Nataly sehr auf die Aussprache und bindet je nach individuellen Schwierigkeiten entsprechende Lehrunterlagen und Übungsvarianten ein. Es ist ein Unterricht, der Spass macht und wo ich mich gut aufgehoben fühle. Gerne empfehle ich die Vox Sprachenschule weiter.

Pieter Laban Pieter Laban

Great experience. Followed the B1 German course during Corona time and I am impressed by the flexibility of the school and the teacher Priska. The general quality of the course is very good and very personal. Priska is a great teacher - and will definitely recommend her and Vox schule! Thanks! Pieter Laban

Andrew Hay Andrew Hay

Most excellent place to learn German I have found. Good mix of teaching and speaking practice.

Natalia Guerrero Natalia Guerrero

(Translated by Google) An excellent place to learn, very friendly and professional people who give you all the necessary support, a very good option without a doubt! (Original) Un lugar excelente para aprender, personas muy amables y profesionales que te brindan todo el apoyo necesario, una muy buena opción sin duda alguna!

Thiago Heinen Thiago Heinen

I really like the school. It is organized, my teacher is really good (almost no English during the German class) and there are maximum 5 studens per class, which is important for the learning process.

Ekaterina Gritskova Ekaterina Gritskova

(Translated by Google) Very satisfied! Thank you! Gladly again (Original) Sehr zufrieden! Danke! Gerne wieder

Darragh Meaney Darragh Meaney

I started learning german 1:1 with Kristina before COVID hit and everything was forced to close, I've been really impressed how quickly Vox set everything up for me to be able to continue my studies remotely via Zoom. I'm able to use my time productively and continue learning German. Thanks for everything! Darragh

Nadine Nadine

(Translated by Google) Attended private lessons at Tatiana for the preparation of the CAE test and passed it successfully (C2 level). Tatiana has given good inputs where more practice is needed, so that an efficient improvement could be determined if her tips were followed consistently. We recommend. Thanks a lot! (Original) Privatlektionen bei Tatiana für die Vorbereitung des CAE-Tests besucht und erfolgreich bestanden (C2-Level). Tatiana hat gute Inputs gegeben, wo noch vermehrt Übung nötig ist, so dass eine effiziente Verbesserung bei konsequenter Befolgung ihrer Tipps feststellbar war. Sehr zu empfehlen. Vielen Dank!

Alexey Mozharov Alexey Mozharov

After living about 10 years in Switzerland and having tried many different language schools, i have finally found a place to hone my German and Swiss German skills. Quite logical teaching method appeals to human brain memorization mechanisms, making language learning so natural, as it used to be with oneself's mother tongue in childhood time. The method is based upon academical linguistic education, as well as personal experience (bilingualism) of the school founder. Many thanks and greetings to Igor!


I was very happy with my teacher! (Please do not confuse this) but not at all with the administration of this school... everything is done online and virtually, there is no front desk... there is nobody to take charge when there is a seroius problem. They insist to give good reviews and to take more lessons because the aim of the school is money like everything else in Zurih.

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