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czytawianki czytawianki

I did B2 German course and I absolutely recommend it. The course with Agnieszka has been amazing! Aga's teaching style is fantastic and she always manages to make learning pleasant and fun. I definitely improved my grammar skills which was what I was hoping for. One of my favorite parts is that Aga always uses examples from real life so I could implement what I had learned in the very same evening during conversations with my friends and family. That boosts motivation a lot. Plus the more 'dramatic' expressions (such as: dieser Zug ist abgefahren, hier hört der Spass auf) make it easier to remember and are fun to use afterwards. We were often asked what we would like to do more so I can't say anything was missing. I really wouldn't know how to improve the course, it was already above my expectations :)

Elliott Ash Elliott Ash

Ich lerne Deutsch! I am in the A1 class, which is being paid for by my employer. Thanks to VOX Sprachschule and especially to our teacher Stefan. I'm amazed by how much we have learned in just 6 weeks.

Julijana Nella Julijana Nella

(Translated by Google) When I started learning German in January of this year, I met a teacher who was initially not very happy with him. After a few hours with Maxi, I realized that he had a different way of teaching. He didn't follow the examples in the book, he wanted to explain it to us in a more practical way so that we could think about it. A very good teacher, but strict, it requires that we are always active. In other words, it's great for us students. I finished the B1 course with him. Thanks Max. "I think the online lessons are good, you should have them on offer. I would also like to take lessons from home in the future. I have seen many teachers and schools and Olga is perfect for me. Olga looks at what we do everyone separately needs and adapts to our individual wishes and that is unique. Olga is very hardworking and responds to our opinions. " (Original) Als ich im Januar dieses Jahres anfing, Deutsch zu lernen, traf ich einen Lehrer, der anfangs nicht sehr zufrieden mit ihm war. Nach ein paar Stunden mit Maxi wurde mir klar, dass er eine andere Art zu unterrichten hatte. Er hielt sich nicht an die Beispiele im Buch, er wollte es uns praktischer erklären, damit wir darüber nachdenken. Ein sehr guter Lehrer, aber streng, es erfordert, dass wir immer aktiv sind. Mit anderen Worten, es ist großartig für uns Schüler. Ich habe den B1-Kurs mit ihm beendet. Danke Max. "Den Online- Unterricht finde ich gut, ihr solltet das im festen Angebot haben. Ich würde den Unterricht in Zukunft auch von zu Hause aus machen wollen. Ich habe viele Lehrer und Schulen gesehen und Olga ist perfekt für mich. Olga schaut, was wir alle separat brauchen und passt sich unseren individuellen Wünschen an und das ist einzigartig. Olga ist sehr fleissig und geht auf unsere Meinungen ein."

Ivan Osinnii Ivan Osinnii

I think I achieved my goals by doing a course with Felicity. I learned something new about learning as well, which I can apply in every studying subject. That's why I can recommend this course to everyone who learns German. The studying materials and school facilities are also of highest quality. Thank you ones more for your team work!

Mariano Ramírez Moreno Mariano Ramírez Moreno

(Translated by Google) Vox is an exemplary school that clearly seeks excellence at all levels. I highly recommend it! (Original) Vox es una escuela ejemplar que busca claramente la excelencia en todos los niveles. La recomiendo mucho!!

Livio Pavesi Livio Pavesi

(Translated by Google) I completed the B1 level English course at the Vox language school in Winterthur. In one-to-one lessons, I worked with lecturers who have a very high level of professional competence. The lessons are adapted to individual needs. The lecturers were able to respond very well to my needs. Due to my previous knowledge, I had no problems with text and reading comprehension. So I was able to concentrate mainly on speaking during the class. (Original) Ich absolvierte den Englischkurs auf dem Niveau B1 bei der Vox-Sprachschule in Winterthur. Im Einzelunterricht arbeitete ich mit Dozenten zusammen, welche eine sehr hohe Fachkompetenz aufweisen. Der Unterricht wird auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse angepasst. Die Dozenten konnten auf meine Bedürfnisse sehr gut eingehen. Durch meine Vorkenntnisse hatte ich keine Probleme mit dem Text- und Leseverständnis. Somit konnte ich mich während dem Unterricht hauptsächlich auf das Sprechen konzentrieren.

eduardo corral eduardo corral

(Translated by Google) Excellent school, very good teachers. Completely recommendable. (Original) Excelente escuela, muy buenos maestros. Completamente recomendable.

London Tatum London Tatum

Here is my honest review of VOX Sprachschule Winterthur: I have taken two courses (B1 and B2 German) with Vox and I have had a very positive experience so far. I have recommended Vox to a close friend of mine as well. My teachers at Vox were some of the best I’ve had. Each lesson plan is organised, the class sizes are small, and the teachers are highly educated. I am currently taking B2 German with Daniel M. The lessons are organised and structured letting you know which concepts are covered. This makes it easy to look back and practice on your own. My teacher does a great job breaking down German grammar principles into simple components and explaining the rules involved in sentence structure and conversation. My language acquisition is quicker and easier thanks to this method of teaching. He pays extra attention to making sure your pronunciation is correct when speaking. This has improved my communication skills greatly. The reading, writing, and conversational exercises are very helpful. Overall this course continues to give me the tools to become fluent in German. I have previously taken B1 with VOX as well, and I was also impressed with my former teacher, Alys B.-C. We learned in a structured yet stress-free manner. It was easy to speak to my other classmates online. I appreciated the instructor's detailed notes, conversation, handouts, and written exercises. I would definitely take another Vox class again. It is worth the price. The teachers are supportive and you can e-mail them outside of class time. The school is flexible so working and learning is not a problem. The staff checks in with you to make sure your feedback about your class is taken into consideration. My understanding of German has vastly improved. My ability to read, write, and speak are much better than before. Overall Vox Sprachschule Winterthur gets a 5/5 for me.

Iljya Kalai Iljya Kalai

I'm currently learning German faster than I thought possible. I'm very impressed with Mr. Botchkarev's method, very systematic and oriented towards practical application.

Nathalie D. N. Nathalie D. N.

(Translated by Google) A unique school where teaching is fun! I particularly appreciate the focus on speaking and small classes. This is where every student gets his word. I'm happy to be part of the Vox team. (Original) Eine einzigartige Schule, an der das Unterrichten Spass macht! Ganz besonders schätze ich den Fokus auf das Sprechen und die kleinen Klassen. Hier kommt wirklich jeder Schüler zu Wort. Ich freue mich, dass ich Teil des Vox-Teams sein darf.

Claudia Villanueva Claudia Villanueva

Please find below your text if you wish to leave it after the rating: I’m extremely happy with my classes with Solange. I feel there is a good balance between conversation and grammar, and I believe I’m improving every week. I look forward to continuing with her for the next levels. Thank you!

Gyalchen Tenzinkang Gyalchen Tenzinkang

My experience with Tanja has been exceptional for the following reasons: - She always makes sure that we have actually understood the chapter. - She also goes a mile further and sends us exercises that helps us a lot, resulting with us improving. - She is very patient with every student and does not rush the class. - Her style of teaching is very refreshing and makes it easy for me to understand better. - If one is lacking somewhere, she will explain it again and again. As someone who lacks in this language, she is the perfect teacher that will correct you but will not make you feel you are less than anyone else.

Sofia Frost Sofia Frost

I am currently taking German A1 with VOX-Sprachschule and have been very happy with their concept. The small group size and the skillful teacher have made it easy to reach the goals set, and I signed up for the next level without hesitation. Importantly, I travel a lot in my work and have therefore had to miss out on a number of classes, but this has never been an issue. The teacher has kindly provided me with homework for the lessons missed, so that I have had no problems keeping up with the other students. Also from the admin side everything has been very streamlined. All in all, I warmly recommend this language school.

Miklós Juhász Miklós Juhász

Small groups, good progress, relaxed atmosphere

Katka P Katka P

Great flexibility, professional teachers, smooth and pleasant admin. After searching both in CH and abroad, I decided for this school because of their personalized and flexible approach, competitive price and the lessons turned out to be at a very high standard (online private lessons for me - super efficient). Thank you!

Luigi Pesare Luigi Pesare

(Translated by Google) I am being taught by Tatiana. I'm super satisfied and couldn't imagine a better lecturer. She explains it to me great, has a lot of patience and supports me. Thank you very much. (Original) Ich werde von Tatiana unterrichtet. Bin super zufrieden und könnte mir keine bessere Dozentin vorstellen. Sie erklärt es mir super, hat viel Geduld und fördert mich. Vielen Dank.

Cristina Sourlis Cristina Sourlis

(Translated by Google) Great concept! My needs are met. (Original) Tolles Konzept! Man geht auf meine Bedürfnisse ein.

Abu Fahad Muhammad Hammad Uddin Abu Fahad Muhammad Hammad Uddin

They are best in their profession... :) <3

Lehar “Namela” Namella Lehar “Namela” Namella

(Translated by Google) The school is centrally located and the rooms are nicely decorated. My teacher is very competent and motivating. Although it demands a lot, it is fun and very instructive, so that the hour usually passes far too fast. (Original) Die Schule ist zentral gelegen und die Räume sind schön eingerichtet. Meine Lehrperson ist sehr kompetent und motivierend. Obwohl sie viel fordert, macht es Spass und ist sehr lehrreich, so dass die Stunde meist viel zu schnell verfliegt.

Katharina Kägi Katharina Kägi

(Translated by Google) The organization regarding course determination as well as communication and administration was flawless. I really enjoyed the French course with Olga, she always responded very well to me, which enabled me to achieve my personal learning goals. (Original) Die Organisation bezüglich Kursfindung sowie Kommunikation und Administration war einwandfrei. Der Französischkurs mit Olga hat mir viel Spass gemacht, sie ist immer sehr gut auf mich eingegangen, wodurch ich meine persönlichen Lernziele erreicht habe.

Silvan Plattner Silvan Plattner

(Translated by Google) In addition to a central location and a motivated and qualified team, Vox offers a results-based method that makes speaking easy. This approach was new for me as a teacher and as a student and immediately impressed me. (Original) Neben einem zentralen Standort und einem motivierten und qualifizierten Team, bietet Vox eine ergebnisbezogene Methode, welche schnell zum Sprechen führt. Dieser Ansatz war für mich als Lehrer sowie als Schüler neu und hat mich auf Anhieb begeistert.

Chelsea Gurr Chelsea Gurr

Larissa was an excellent teacher! Highly recommend

Giulia Mazzolini Giulia Mazzolini

My experience with VOX has been overall very positive and I cannot stress enough how their format of teaching to a maximum of 4 people at a time helps students developing their linguistic skills faster: you have more time to speak, to ask questions and to interact with your co-students. Isabelle has been a fantastic teacher. I attended A1 and A2 German courses with her. She was always ready to help whenever I needed assistance and answered my questions super quickly every time. She also pushed me and motivated me constantly. Herzlichen Dank Isabelle!!

Peter guisela Peter guisela

Professional, motivated and engaging teachers and comfortable environment over all. I really recommend trying out this language school: Personally I learned several languages there!

Christophe Petignat Christophe Petignat

(Translated by Google) Very happy with the classes at VOX Sprachschule. Nice and professional teacher. Course in small groups. I recommend. (Original) Très content des cours effectués auprès de VOX Sprachschule. Professeure sympa et professionnelle. Cours en petits groupes. Je recommande.

Guido Müller Guido Müller

(Translated by Google) Freundlich, zielgerichtet, zuverlässig, kreativ und mit Freude am Werk. Habe wohl Privatunterricht bei der optimalen Lehrerin (I) gebucht. Friendly, purposeful, reliable, serious but not too much, a creative force and with great pleasure at work. I probably booked private lessons with an optimal teacher. (Original) Freundlich, zielgerichtet, zuverlässig, kreativ und mit Freude am Werk. Habe wohl Privatunterricht bei der optimalen Lehrerin (I) gebucht. Amichevole, finalizzata, affidabile, seria ma non troppo, una forza creativa e con molto piacere sul lavoro. Probabilmente ho prenotato lezioni private con una insegnante ottimale.

Vicky B Vicky B

I've been working as an English teacher at VOX since January 2020 and have had an extremely positive experience. The communication between teachers and the administrative team has been quick and easy and the teaching method we use is very successful. It's a pleasure to work with hard-working, motivated students and teachers alike. I'm lucky to work as part of such a great team.

Konstantin Ch Konstantin Ch

Perfect location and very good teachers. I am 11 Months with VOX now

Oscar Martinez Oscar Martinez

The schools is very accommodating of my schedule and preferences. Overall it has been a great experience. I am very happy with my classes with Natalie. She strikes the right balance between grammar and speaking practice. She takes my feedback into consideration and I very much enjoy the learning experience. She is an excellent teacher, patient, knowledgeable, engaging and friendly. She makes learning fun and is definitely one of my all-time favorite teachers! I always look forward to my German classes.

Lisa Lisa

(Translated by Google) I attended a test preparation course with VOX at Tatiana. The course was super structured and well organized. I was able to learn a lot in a short time. The teacher recognized my strengths and weaknesses immediately and adapted the course content to them. I would say it's one of the best courses I've ever attended and I definitely recommend it to anyone. (Original) Ich habe bei VOX einen Prüfungsvorbereitungs-Kurs bei Tatiana besucht. Der Kurs war super strukturiert und gut organisiert. Ich konnte in kurzer Zeit sehr viel lernen. Die Lehrerin erkannte meine Stärken und Schwächen sofort und passte die Kursinhalte auch an diese an. Ich würde sagen, es ist einer der besten Kurse, den ich bisher besucht habe und ich kann die Schule auf jeden Fall jedem empfehlen.

Niklas Gehlen Niklas Gehlen

Awesome location. Great language courses with focus on getting people to fluently speak the new language.

Miha Kramar Miha Kramar

I have a very good experience with VOX Language School. They work in small groups, have an individual approach and competent teachers.

Mai Liang Mai Liang

Great opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills with the group and teacher. Flexible online approach with mature technology made lessons during lockdown possible. Review materials are shared promptly in pdf after each lesson. I also like that Isabelle inspired us to learn from multiple angles including reading a book together and watching YouTube videos in between lessons.

Jim Rushing Jim Rushing

Language learning at Vox has been a great experience. They are very flexible and responsive and always tried to tailor lessons to fit and grow my actual abilities.

Nadine Nadine

(Translated by Google) Attended private lessons at Tatiana for the preparation of the CAE test and passed it successfully (C2 level). Tatiana has given good inputs where more practice is needed, so that an efficient improvement could be determined if her tips were followed consistently. We recommend. Thanks a lot! (Original) Privatlektionen bei Tatiana für die Vorbereitung des CAE-Tests besucht und erfolgreich bestanden (C2-Level). Tatiana hat gute Inputs gegeben, wo noch vermehrt Übung nötig ist, so dass eine effiziente Verbesserung bei konsequenter Befolgung ihrer Tipps feststellbar war. Sehr zu empfehlen. Vielen Dank!

Antonio Haas Antonio Haas

(Translated by Google) My teacher Priska is very nice and always patient. (Original) Meine Lehrerin Priska ist sehr nett und immer geduldig.

Mubekir Selimi Mubekir Selimi

(Translated by Google) The VOX language school in Winterthur, is a very professional with very competent, motivated language teachers working language school. I think that you can only benefit from the VOX language school! (Original) Die VOX-Sprachschule in Winterthur, ist eine sehr professionelle mit sehr kompetenten, motivierten Sprachlehrern tätige Sprachschule. Ich finde, dass man von der VOX-Sprachschule nur profitieren kann!

Aida Jarasunaite Aida Jarasunaite

I've worked for VOX for more than two years now. The best thing, among others, is probably a highly motivated team. Every single person here works hard and always tries to improve, including the back office, teachers and the owners of the school who work so hard themselves to offer high quality and well organized courses with personal care. Challenging and live working environment. Highly recommend!

Ella Haidari Ella Haidari

(Translated by Google) The teachers are flexible and it was great for me that I couldn't set a specific time. I would like to thank the Vox School for their good teaching. (Original) Die Lehrer sind flexibel und es war toll für mich, dass ich keine bestimmte Zeit festlegen konnte. Ich möchte der Vox Schule für ihren guten Unterricht danken.

Chama Zurich Chama Zurich

Really excellent teaching method and class size makea this a great school. Teachers of top quality. Supplies for students such bottled mineral water is free. Great managers and staff which are very helpful with issues. Highly recommended.

nico giova nico giova

As a teacher working for VOX, I could not be happier about my experience here. Teaching to single students or small groups (max five people) allows me to adapt the lessons to their goals, maximize their progress, follow them up thoroughly and establish trustworthy, effective relationships. The focus is on speaking skills, which I consider crucial to prepare the students for contexts of real communication. The team is varied, multilingual, highly motivated and supportive: the students will always find someone that can fit with their timetable and requirements. Finally, the school has a clear ambition to grow, to develop and to provide an ever-improving service. From my point of view, highly recommended for both teachers and students.

Samantha Kuhnert Samantha Kuhnert

I came to this school with 0 knowledge of German. I was very nervous at the beginning but the teachers at this school are so welcoming and really make you feel at ease. I especially find Christina's teaching approach really great and feel Ive learnt so much in her classes (both private and joint classes). I couldn't recommend this school enough!

Cedric Balsiger Cedric Balsiger

(Translated by Google) A modern, "crisp", dynamic, flexible and very likable school, where teaching and working with the behind-the-scenes teams is great fun! A great job that I can definitely recommend. (Original) Eine moderne, "knackige", dynamische, flexible und sehr sympathische Schule, an der das Unterrichten und die Zusammenarbeit mit den Teams hinter den Kulissen enormen Spass macht! Ein toller Arbeitsplatz, den ich auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen kann.

Jessica Wood Jessica Wood

I've been very impressed with VOX Sprachschule Zürich. I started A1 classes in a small group lesson in February, then the pandemic hit and my courses were moved online. My teacher, Maximiliano (Maxi) Nigg, is fantastic! The classes are challenging but so helpful and my confidence in German continues to grow. I would recommend VOX and specifically Maxi to anyone who is looking to learn German.

Pieter Laban Pieter Laban

Great experience. Followed the B1 German course during Corona time and I am impressed by the flexibility of the school and the teacher Priska. The general quality of the course is very good and very personal. Priska is a great teacher - and will definitely recommend her and Vox schule! Thanks! Pieter Laban

Anika Heinrich Anika Heinrich

(Translated by Google) I really like the Swiss German course at Vox with Nataly. The usual dull memorization and editing of tasks to textbook is completely eliminated. Rather, emphasis is placed on the daily application and as Nataly pays much attention to the pronunciation and binds according to individual difficulties appropriate teaching materials and exercise variants. It is a class that is fun and where I feel well cared for. I gladly recommend the Vox language school. (Original) Der schweizerdeutsch Kurs bei Vox mit Nataly gefällt mir sehr. Das übliche stumpfe Auswendiglernen und Bearbeiten von Aufgaben nach Lehrbuch entfällt völlig. Vielmehr wird Wert auf die tägliche Anwendung gelegt und da achtet Nataly sehr auf die Aussprache und bindet je nach individuellen Schwierigkeiten entsprechende Lehrunterlagen und Übungsvarianten ein. Es ist ein Unterricht, der Spass macht und wo ich mich gut aufgehoben fühle. Gerne empfehle ich die Vox Sprachenschule weiter.

Davide Stucchi Davide Stucchi

I have to admit that my experience with VOX up to now is really positive. I really love having my French course with Sébastien: he is really professional, he knows how to teach French and he makes my learning really pleasant. I am definitely moving toward my goals (and also pretty fast), if I think I started learning french only a few months ago. During the lessons we just go fast through the grammar (which I can do alone at home) and we have a lot of speaking practice together. I am really satisfied up to now and I intend to continue my course with VOX :D

Débora Fernandes Débora Fernandes

(Translated by Google) I attended the German course B2 in Winterthur and I really liked it. Although the course is expensive, it is also efficient. The teaching method is suitable for each student and really contributes to the progress in the language. The teachers are competent and interested. (Original) Ich habe den Deutschkurs B2 in Winterthur besucht und es hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Obwohl der Kurs teuer ist, ist er auch effizient. Die Unterrichtsmethode ist für jeden Schüler geeignet und trägt wirklich zum Fortschritt in der Sprache bei. Die Lehrer sind kompetent und interessiert.

김J 김J

It is a nice language school. Teachers are professional and care students and their needs. The program is well planned as a student’s level. One of my friends strongly recommended me here and I will do as well. I am improving a lot here.

Christopher Dorling Christopher Dorling

Super teacher for Swiss German - Silvan Plattner. Highly flexible regarding scheduling, fun lessons, overall very good value and IMO very good improvement of my Swiss German.

Libia Veiga García Libia Veiga García

The highest score for the teacher we had, Valentina Carlini. Thanks to his professionalism and kindness, even German is more fun. Despite being an expensive course with teachers like her, it is worth it. I would recommend her 100%.

Claudio Bastos Lima Claudio Bastos Lima

(Translated by Google) I'm currently attending the Vox language school in Winterthur and can only recommend it to super nice people and they really help you reach your goal 👍👍👍😁😁😁 (Original) Ich besuche momentan die Vox- Sprachschule in Winterthur und kann es nur weiterempfehlen super nette Leute und sie helfen dir wirklich dein Ziel zu erreichen 👍👍👍😁😁😁

Tati M Tati M

I’m so glad that I found Vox Sprachschule! I strongly recommend this school.

Guisel acuña Guisel acuña

The methodology, which is based on speaking, is very successful in the learning process. I took two levels of German at this School and I noticed quick progress. During this time I had 5 teachers and all of them were amazing!! their explanations were very clear and thanks to them, it was easier to improve my German.

Dimitris Hanazoglu Dimitris Hanazoglu

I did a German B2 superintensive course. Both my teachers were great. Remarkable skills of delivering the information, knowledgeable of the language , interested to make me learn. Very well organized school. Very strongly recommended.

Mathias Drach Mathias Drach

(Translated by Google) Top language school - absolutely recommendable! (Original) Top Sprachschule - absolut empfehlenswert!

Oscar Mendo Diaz Oscar Mendo Diaz

I have done the C1 course with the teacher named Tatiana. I would gladly recommend it. Right from the beginning she studied carefully my case and prepared a course fitting perfectly to my needs. I am quiet satisfied with the outcome.

Mimi Bitschnau Mimi Bitschnau

(Translated by Google) I really enjoyed the English course with Cedric. The course location was ideal, the course book I found very interesting and helpful. Thanks also for the good discussions and for the flexibility. A great school! (Original) Der Englischkurs mit Cedric hat mir sehr gefallen. Der Kursort war ideal, das Kursbuch fand ich sehr interessant und hilfreich. Danke auch für die guten Gespräche und für die Flexibilität. Eine tolle Schule!

Julia B Julia B

I was learning English with the level A2-B1. I had good experiences with this school. My teacher was Tatiana. She is very professional and organized. Tatiana always sensed what exactly I need to improve my knowledge of the language. She is an excellent teacher. No question was left unanswered:) I'm really happy that I had such a good teacher. I attented other courses before and left without progress. This investion was worth it. This location is easily accessible from the HB Zürich.

Kristina Denser Kristina Denser

(Translated by Google) As a teacher, teaching at VOX gives me incredible pleasure. Not only the organization is great, but also the groups that I was able to teach were very dynamic, motivated and entertaining. On the whole an excellent learning atmosphere. (Original) Als Lehrerin bereitet mir das Unterrichten bei VOX unglaubliche Freude. Nicht nur die Organisation ist top, sondern auch die Gruppen, welche ich unterrichten durfte, waren sehr dynamisch, motiviert und unterhaltsam. Im Grossen und Ganzen eine ausgezeichnete Lernatmosphäre.

Nilesh Jadhav Nilesh Jadhav

It is the best price you can get a German course in Switzerland.

Sahil Manocha Sahil Manocha

Currently studying Deutsch-A1 in this school. There is focus on speaking,which helps you to learn fast, groups are small, which means focus on everyone and there is attention to student's specific language needs. No experience of other schools and classes but i like what i am getting and learning.

Corinne Schwarzenbach Corinne Schwarzenbach

A big thank you to Vicky from Vox-Sprachschule! She was always very supportive and knew exactly what I needed to focus on to improve my English for my C1 exam.

PI huit PI huit

Super school and good teacher we had two teacher Leah and Victoria. Both good ! My only complain it’s a bit expensive But they are welling to do discount. I recommend the school for it very good quality and you well learn a lot.

anna kofman anna kofman

Probably, the best language school in Zurich. I'm happy to share, that I passed my CAE with a C1 level! With Tatiana we have improved my English knowledge from B1 to C1 in 9 months. Great teacher and a great place. Highly recommend!

J Julien J Julien

Took a 1-1 course to prepare for the German C1 exam and I passed. Teacher Larissa was encouraging the whole time.

Nale Nale

(Translated by Google) Great school - courteous, flexible and understanding. Very great, very qualified teaching program !! In short, this school does not need advertising - its results speak for themselves👍👌 we can only recommend the school. Thank you for the commitment and the great experience at how easy and intensive it is to learn the German language at your school. Great praise! (Original) Ganz tolle Schule - zuvorkommend, flexibel und verständnisvoll. Ganz tolles, sehr qualifiziertes Lehrprrsonal!! Kurz-diese Schule braucht keine Werbung - ihre Ergebnisse sprechen für sich👍👌wir können die Schule nur weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank für das Engagement und die tolle Erfahrung, wie einfach und doch intensiv die deutsche Sprache zu erlernen ist an Ihrer Schule. Grosses Lob!

Frido Ling Frido Ling

(Translated by Google) Professional and committed teachers and a generally pleasant atmosphere. I can only recommend it! (Original) Professionelle und engatierte Lehrer*innen und allgemein eine angenehme Atmosphäre. Nur zu empfehlen!

Michael Stähli Michael Stähli

VOX is not only a different school for people who want to learn a new language, but for teachers as well! Small groups, tailored courses and a focus on speaking provied a unique experience for everyone. I'm honoured to be part of the team!

Maja Synak Maja Synak

(Translated by Google) The VOX school is recommended, has very good, committed teachers. (Original) Die VOX Schule ist empfehlenswert, hat sehr gute, engagierte Lehrer.

Bland Mustafi Bland Mustafi

Best Language School in Zürich. Top Teachers, Professional Experience, Close Attention, Fast Response rate, Best Location

Fego Peters Fego Peters

Learned a lot and my teacher is patience and helpful.

Abdul Hafeez Abdul Hafeez

They are best in their profession!!!

Maximiliano Nigg Maximiliano Nigg

The school's own method used by all of its teachers focuses on pronunciation as well as on the vocabulary and grammar needed to be able to communicate within days of starting a course. This is further emphasized by the small size of the groups and the possibility of attending individual lessons, both of which allow the students' needs to be met. Working here is one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. If you want or need to learn a language, this really is the place to go.

Rafaela B. Rafaela B.

(Translated by Google) I can only recommend the Vox School. (Original) Ich kann die Vox Schule nur weiterempfehlen.

Pietro Libro Pietro Libro

I attended a private A2 German course online and never had any kind of issue. Teacher (Yana) was very professional and always available for the explanations. I learned a lot attending that course. Likely I'll start another course afther the sommer break.

C. Chatti C. Chatti

(Translated by Google) I am very satisfied with the school's performance and can only recommend it. I had the opportunity to work with Isabelle Wegmüller and Isabel Paraguassu, with whom I learned a lot and made progress. The school's administration team is dedicated, attentive and flexible. That was perfect! (Original) Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Leistungen der Schule und kann sie nur empfehlen. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit, mit Isabelle Wegmüller und Isabel Paraguassu zu arbeiten, mit denen ich viel gelernt und Fortschritte gemacht habe. Das Verwaltungsteam der Schule ist engagiert, aufmerksam und flexibel. Das war perfekt !

Nicole Sommer Nicole Sommer

(Translated by Google) I thought the lessons with Tatiana were great. I looked forward to every lesson with her and would definitely recommend you. She designs the lessons very individually and reacts spontaneously when we have talked about other topics. I had a great time and hope to be able to continue the course in the spring. We laughed a lot and for me, having fun is the most important thing to learn (Original) Ich fand den Unterricht mit Tatiana super. Habe mich auf jede Lektion mit ihr gefreut und würde euch auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen. Sie gestaltet den Unterricht sehr individuell und reagiert spontan wenn wir über andere Themen gesprochen haben. Ich hatte eine tolle Zeit und hoffe den Kurs im Frühling noch weiterführen zu können. Wir haben viel gelacht und für mich ist Spass das wichtigste um zu lernen

Mihai-Alexandru Pais Mihai-Alexandru Pais

(Translated by Google) I had the opportunity to take my first French course (A1 / A2) with Sebastien Pruvost. Sebastien is now one of my favorite teachers so far, trying hard to teach French quickly and in a structured manner. His method is based on traditional textbooks such as Grammaire en dialogues as well as on playful, authentic auditory and visual options. He is flexible and specifically caters to the needs of his student. I can heartily recommend Sebastien as a French teacher at the VOX School! (Original) Ich hatte die Gelegenheit meinen ersten Französischkurs (A1/A2) mit Sebastien Pruvost zu belegen. Sebastien ist mittlerweile einer meiner bisherigen Lieblingslehrer, bemüht einem Französisch schnell und strukturiert beizubringen. Seine Methode basiert auf traditionelle Lehrbücher wie Grammaire en dialogues sowie auf spielerische, authentische auditive und visuelle Optionen. Er zeigt sich flexibel und geht gezielt auf die Bedürfnisse seines Schülers ein. Ich kann Sebastien als Französischlehrer der VOX Schule von Herzen empfehlen!

Ebru Celik Ebru Celik

Just finishing my A2 German class in Vox. Comparing to the other courses that I have taken they were way better in many ways: - they have many options to chose, especially if you are looking for morning classes like me you you will definitely find your slot there. - the classes are very small which gives you lots of chances to practice - they take customer satisfaction very seriously. they frequently get feedback from everyone in the class to make sure everything goes as promised and do the adjustments if needed. ( This is the best part of the course as you feel like they are not just trying to get your money and disappear) I had many attempts to learn German in the past with different courses but they were not successful until I met Vox school.

Andrew Hay Andrew Hay

Most excellent place to learn German I have found. Good mix of teaching and speaking practice.


I had online German course B2 level . There were only 3 people in our class, so I had a lot more chance to talk in German. My teacher Isabel was very professional and friendly, I would definitely recommend her for the lesson. She always gave us the homeworks and sent us back correted answer quickly which helped me a lot as well. It costs quite a lot, but as there are not many students in a class, so it was worth it. Unfortunately, there was no administrations office in Winterthur branch, so it seems all enquries are done only with email or the telephone. But Administrative person calling me back in a short time.

Natalia Guerrero Natalia Guerrero

(Translated by Google) An excellent place to learn, very friendly and professional people who give you all the necessary support, a very good option without a doubt! (Original) Un lugar excelente para aprender, personas muy amables y profesionales que te brindan todo el apoyo necesario, una muy buena opción sin duda alguna!

naveen kumar naveen kumar

Learning language at your own pace in friendly environment. Very good teachers with excellent management. Small groups so that teachers are more focused on individuals. What else to say, im really impressed with the learning culture here.

Stefano Paci Stefano Paci

I honestly have to say I’m truly satisfied by the course you are providing. Cristina is a highly professional teacher and she really cares about our improvements. She is always at your disposal for any request and despite the limited time available she does manage to organize the lessons in order to cover both theory and practice. In addition, I think there is a perfect balancing of homework load, always with a view to the achievements of the objectives required to prepare for the A1 exam.

Lucy G Lucy G

Really excellent experience - the teacher was totally up to speed on what I needed to do and delivered a targeted programme to help me develop my skills. Thoroughly enjoyable as well!

Niko Eurich Niko Eurich

Great location and very professional and motivated teachers. Have been going there for a year now and can totally recommend it!

carlo quattrini carlo quattrini

(Translated by Google) Both professional, as well as interesting and exciting lessons. My teacher enjoys her work and I am satisfied with my progress. I can only recommend this school. Carlo (Original) Sowohl professioneller, als auch interessanter und spannender Unterricht. Meine Lehererin hat Freude mit ihrer Arbeit, und ich bin zufrieden mit meinen Vorschritten. Ich kann diese Schule nur empfehlen. Carlo

Veronica Tirronen Veronica Tirronen

Very effective teaching methodology! If you really want to learn, you will learn fast!!!

Manuela Wiedmer Manuela Wiedmer

(Translated by Google) I had a private course in French to prepare for my bilingual studies. My teacher Alex was very friendly, competent and motivating! Due to the change of residence, the course time was unfortunately limited to 8 weeks - otherwise I would have liked to continue! (Original) Ich hatte einen Individualkurs in Französisch, um mich optimal für mein zweisprachiges Studium vorzubereiten. Mein Lehrer Alex war sehr freundlich, kompetent und motivierend! Durch den Wohnortwechsel war die Kurszeit leider auf 8 Wochen beschränkt - sonst hätte ich gerne weitergemacht!

Frederic Mayot Frederic Mayot

Great teacher and very helpful staff

Coralie Aschwanden Coralie Aschwanden

(Translated by Google) A great school with a very pleasant atmosphere, which invites to learn and to speak. I am very happy to be part of the VOX team! (Original) Eine super Schule mit sehr angenehmer Atmosphäre, die zum Lernen und Sprechen einlädt. Ich bin sehr froh, Teil des VOX-Teams zu sein!

Jennifer Hunziker Jennifer Hunziker

(Translated by Google) I attended the VOX language school for a month to improve my English language skills. In addition to the well-located location, the lessons with Nico were sensational. The lessons were individually tailored to me, and the teaching materials were also very helpful. I can only recommend the VOX language school to everyone. (Original) Ich besuchte die VOX-Sprachschule für einen Monat um meine Sprachkenntnisse im Englisch zu verbessern. Neben der gut gelegenen Lage war auch der Unterricht bei Nico sensationell. Der Unterricht wurde individuell auf mich abgestimmt, auch die Lehrmittel waren sehr hilfreich. Ich kann jedem nur die VOX-Sprachschule weiterempfehlen.

Hoda Harharah Hoda Harharah

Thank you Vox Sprachschule for handling all my enquiries promptly and professionally. I have really enjoyed my online German lessons with Valentina. The lessons are always fun, the content relevant and the grammar has been so clearly explained and summarised!

Daniel Cardozo Daniel Cardozo

Great experience and amazing quality of teaching. I had the opportunity to follow A2-level lessons for German with Cristina Kaiser. I was amazed by her detailed knowledge of the Language, desire to share it, and ability to make the subject and material stimulating and interesting.

Harsharan Grover Harsharan Grover

Larissa was great. Patient and explained grammar concepts very well :)

Khal Khal

I am very satisfied with my lessons with Isabel. She is a pedagogue and professional teacher. She listened to my needs and adapted the exercises accordingly. We put a focus on oral expression and acquisition of vocabulary. We also worked on important grammar aspects and written expression. I confirm that I have learned things and improved my level thanks to Isabel's teaching. She is skilled and able to adapt precisely to the needs. Please, congratulate her on my behalf. I also congratulate you and your institution for your seriousness.

Maria Botchkareva Maria Botchkareva

Best language school in Zurich. My English and German course was exactly tailored to my needs. Cristina and Tatiana are really great teachers!

Hubert Rémond Hubert Rémond

Very positive experience, I could see a clear improvement of my german level after doing the A2 course. Very competent teachers and a strong focus on speaking which is the best way to fill confident in actually speaking the language. I recommend!

sara parand sara parand

I am very pleased with this school as well as Juliana Müller, she is wonderful, the best teacher possible.

Verime Morina Sadrija Verime Morina Sadrija

Extremely satisfied

Yoko A Yoko A

I took B1 course and the atmosphere was really good and our teacher was very kind. I enjoyed this class very much. Small group worked very good to me.

Davina De Camillis Davina De Camillis

(Translated by Google) I took a "super-intensive" online course. My French teacher Sébastien made the lessons very varied and exciting. I was able to ask questions about any grammar topic or vocabulary and this was then looked at together with Sébastien and explained in an understandable way. I also found the small talk in French with Sébastien very helpful and pleasant. I was able to learn a lot and will take the DALF C1 exam in about six weeks. The free trial lesson with the teacher Nathalie in Winterthur also convinced me and I also found the location of the school very good. The only thing I have to complain about was the organization until a French group course at C1 level could be found. The administration staff were all friendly, but originally I wanted to attend a group course in Winterthur from mid-August. Sometimes I only got an answer by email about once a week and then finally attended an online course from the beginning of September. In retrospect, I also found it very good online because the lessons themselves were extremely instructive. That's why I would still like to attend a course at the Vox language school again. :) (Original) Ich habe einen „super-intensiven“ Onlinekurs besucht. Mein Französisch-Lehrer Sébastien hat den Unterricht sehr abwechslungsreich und spannend gestaltet. Ich konnte zu jedem Grammatik-Thema oder zum Wortschatz Fragen stellen und dies wurde dann gemeinsam mit Sébastien angeschaut und verständlich erklärt. Die Smalltalks auf Französisch mit Sébastien fand ich auch ganz hilfreich und angenehm. Ich konnte sehr viel lernen und werde in etwa sechs Wochen die DALF C1-Prüfung absolvieren. Die kostenlose Probelektion mit der Lehrerin Nathalie in Winterthur hat mich ebenfalls überzeugt und die Lage der Schule habe ich auch sehr gut gefunden. Das einzige, was ich etwas bemängeln muss, war die Organisation bis ein Französisch-Gruppenkurs auf C1-Niveau gefunden werden konnte. Die Mitarbeiter der Administration waren zwar alle freundlich, jedoch wollte ich ursprünglich ab Mitte August einen Gruppenkurs in Winterthur besuchen, aber bekam z. T. nur etwa einmal pro Woche eine Antwort per Mail und besuchte dann schliesslich einen Onlinekurs ab Anfang September. Im Nachhinein habe ich es online aber auch sehr gut gefunden, weil die Lektionen an sich äusserst lehrreich aufgebaut waren. Deshalb würde ich dennoch gerne wieder einen Kurs bei der Vox Sprachschule besuchen. :)

darek tabiś darek tabiś

(Translated by Google) I am very happy with VOX school. I had my lessons with Kristina. After teaching her, I received the Goethe-Zertifikat C1. I can recommend Kristina for everyone. (Original) Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit VOX-Schule. Ich habe mein Unterricht mit Kristina gehabt. Nach dem Unterricht bei ihr erhielt ich das Goethe-Zertifikat C1. Ich kann Kristina für jeden empfehlen.

Rodrigo Aires Rodrigo Aires

(Translated by Google) Dear Mrs. Poulkas, The class with Yana was pretty insightful. I talked a lot during the class and she really helped me correct my mistakes. Yana attended the course in a complicated situation, with lots of lessons ahead and little time to work, but she managed to tweak the content to clarify the most important and fundamental points. I need some time to practice everything I have learned and oriented so that I can continue to learn with the B2 course. With kind regards Rodrigo Aires (Original) Liebe Frau Poulkas, Der Kurs mit Yana war ziemlich aufschlussreich. Ich habe während des Kurses viel geredet und sie hat mir sehr geholfen, meine Fehler zu korrigieren. Yana nahm an dem Kurs in einer komplizierten Situation teil, mit vielen anstehenden Lektionen und wenig Zeit zum Arbeiten, aber sie schaffte es, den Inhalt zu optimieren, um die wichtigsten und grundlegenden Punkte zu klären. Ich brauche etwas Zeit, um alles Gelernte und Orientierte zu üben, damit ich mit dem B2-Kurs weiter lernen kann. Freundliche Grüsse Rodrigo Aires

Philipp Helbling Philipp Helbling

I was surprised myself how fast I made progress with my language skills. Very professional teachers teach at VOX, who know their field very well.

msvc19 msvc19

Great school, I definitely recommend it !

Nina E. Nina E.

(Translated by Google) I am happy with the course. I liked the flexibility best. I hope I am close enough to my goal to pass the C1 exam. I can't think of anything spontaneously that you could have done better. Therefore: thumbs up !! (Original) Ich bin zufrieden mit dem Kurs. Am besten hat mir die Flexibilität gefallen. Ich hoffe, ich bin meinem Ziel genug nah, um die Prüfung im C1 zu bestehen. Spontan fällt mir nichts ein, was Sie hätten besser machen können. Deshalb: Daumen hoch!!

Thomas Caspar Thomas Caspar

Tatjana is a very good teacher. I'm moving forward with every lesson I've taken. There are tangible results shown are the end of every lesson.

Isabel Ellenberger Isabel Ellenberger

(Translated by Google) I am super happy with Tatiana's lessons and cannot give her enough laurels. She is really very knowledgeable and can always answer my, sometimes strange questions as a linguist, wonderfully. Her knowledge of phonetics is also super helpful. I have the feeling that I am making good progress and I also feel very comfortable. A + for Tatiana! (Original) Ich bin super happy mit Tatianas Unterricht und kann gar nicht genug Lorbeeren an sie verteilen. Sie ist wirklich sehr sachkundig und kann meine, wohl manchmal etwas seltsamen Fragen als Linguistin, immer auch wunderbar beantworten. Ihre Phonetik-Kenntnisse sind auch super hilfreich. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich gute Fortschritte mache und fühle mich auch sehr wohl. A+ für Tatiana!

Thiago Heinen Thiago Heinen

I really like the school. It is organized, my teacher is really good (almost no English during the German class) and there are maximum 5 studens per class, which is important for the learning process.

Mahira Ansari Mahira Ansari

They are best in their profession!!!

Chiara Arena Chiara Arena

Vox school is in the complex well organized and offers both private lessons and small-group lessons. I liked also the possibility to attend the course online, that makes it even more flexible and gives you the possibility to attend the course from anywhere. I think that one of the advantages of the school is that the teachers are very well prepared. I am enjoying my German course with Larissa, she is very professional and she has very good teaching skills. I also appreciate that she prepares the class in advance and that she always prepare for me a summary of each lesson, that is very helpful for the learning process. Because of my experience, I strongly recommend Vox school.

Christian Plesca Christian Plesca

Great school and management, professional service, very capable professors and overall super pleasant experience. Recommend 10/10 for anyone who wants to improve their German!

Ekaterina Ekaterina

(Translated by Google) I enjoyed the German courses B1 and B2, I am completely satisfied! We had a small group and talked a lot during the class, that was great! The teachers are professional and nice. Thank you so much! (Original) Die Deutschkurse B1 und B2 sind mir gefallen, ich bin völlig zufrieden! Wir hatten eine kleine Gruppe und sprachen viel Zeit während des Unterrichts, das war super! Die Lehrerinnen sind professionell und nett. Vielen Dank!

Isabel Rodrigues Isabel Rodrigues

(Translated by Google) I wholeheartedly recommend this school. I have been teaching at Vox for 2 years now and I think the whole team works with great commitment. We always try to find solutions for language learners and teachers, without fear of going our own way as a language school and inventing and offering new models. I enjoy working here! (Original) Ich empfehle diese Schule von ganzem Herzen. Bereits 2 Jahre unterrichte ich jetzt bei Vox und finde, dass das ganze Team mit grossem Einsatz arbeitet. Es wird immer versucht, Lösungen für die Sprachlernenden sowie für die Lehrenden zu finden, ohne Angst, als Sprachschule einen eigenen Weg zu gehen und neue Modelle zu erfinden und anzubieten. Mir macht es Freude, hier mitzuwirken!

Melis B Melis B

Had a very good learning period with Nadine! Would definitely recommend VOX-Sprachschule to anyone who would be interested to start picking up a new language in the fastest way possible!

Josef Brunner Josef Brunner

(Translated by Google) I can recommend them. (Original) Je peux les recommander.

Brendan Casey Brendan Casey

The best of its kind in Zürich - if not Switzerland! Amazing staff.

Jürg Vollenweider Jürg Vollenweider

(Translated by Google) For two years now, we have been attending an English language course every two weeks for a couple of years. For some time now with a very competent and sympathetic instructor. We are sure to enjoy a special course with her. Our aim is not to reach a high level within a very short time, but we always want to take a small step further and keep the English "warm". Even previous teachers were very competent and we have always had great fun, which in our eyes is also an essential factor. We can highly recommend the VOX language school. (Original) Wir besuchen zu zweit seit ein paar Jahren alle zwei Wochen einen Englischsprachkurs. Seit geraumer Zeit jetzt bei einer äusserst kompetenten und sympathischen Kursleiterin. Wir geniessen sicher einen etwas speziellen Kurs mit ihr. Unser Ziel ist es nicht, innert kürzester Zeit einen hohen Level zu erreichen, sondern wir möchten immer einen kleinen Schritt weiter kommen und das Englisch "warm" halten. Auch vorherige Kursleiter waren sehr kompetent und es hat uns immer grossen Spass gemacht, was in unseren Augen auch ein wesentlicher Faktor ist. Wir können die VOX-Sprachschule wärmstens empfehlen.

Peter Lauritzson Peter Lauritzson

VOX Sprachschule and their teachers (shout out to Priska who has been my tutor) have always ensured that the courses I have taken were tailored to my needs, with focus on the areas that were most important to me, and always at times that suit me well. This has helped my German and Swiss German language skills tremendously.

Rabia Bakdach Rabia Bakdach

(Translated by Google) relaxed and informal atmosphere, very good quality teacher, small class for optimal learning effect. I'm looking forward to the next lesson. We recommend! (Original) entspannte und ungezwungene Atmosphäre, qualitativ sehr gute Lehrerin, kleine Klasse für optimalen Lerneffekt. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Lektion. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Anna Szymczyk Anna Szymczyk

Very easy to find course type and time slots that will fit the needs of students. Positive, friendly atmosphere , no unnecessary stress about German;)

Nathalie D. N. Nathalie D. N.

(Translated by Google) A unique school where teaching is fun! I particularly appreciate the focus on speaking and small classes. This is where every student gets his word. I'm happy to be part of the Vox team. (Original) Eine einzigartige Schule, an der das Unterrichten Spass macht! Ganz besonders schätze ich den Fokus auf das Sprechen und die kleinen Klassen. Hier kommt wirklich jeder Schüler zu Wort. Ich freue mich, dass ich Teil des Vox-Teams sein darf.

Jekaterina Stalnova Jekaterina Stalnova

I am very happy with the teaching method of this school. Before I started to learn German with this method, I had been learning German already two years. Nevertheless I didn't feel power to communicate, not even talking about passing the exam in order to receive permit C. And with the method of this school I only needed one and a half months and I passed the exam with 85% out of 100%. I started to talk to people. I started to understand cases and genders. Rules of the German language no longer scare me. It all became like a game for me. And my learning now goes on, ones you understand the method, you can continue learning all the time. I recommend this school very much. And if I decide to learn some other language more, I will absolutely go only to this language school.

Corina Honold Corina Honold

(Translated by Google) The space and the location are excellent. My teacher Tatiana is very good! She makes the lessons very varied and full of passion. She recognized my strengths and weaknesses immediately and adapted the course content to them. She is the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you, for the great lessons. I'm really looking forward to the next lesson. (Original) Die Räumlichkeit und der Standort sind hervorragend. Meine Lehrerin Tatiana ist sehr gut! Sie gestaltet den Unterricht sehr abwechslungsreich und mit voller Leidenschaft. Sie erkannte meine Stärken und Schwächen sofort und passte den Kursinhalt auch an diese an. Sie ist die beste Lehrerin, die ich jemals hatte. Vielen Dank, für den tollen Unterricht. Ich freue mich schon sehr, auf den nächsten Unterricht.

Hans Dampf Hans Dampf

(Translated by Google) Simply great. We learn in small groups and are well looked after. Full recommendation 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 (Original) Einfach Top. Wir lernen in kleinen Gruppen und werden bestens versorgt. Volle Empfehlung 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Francesco Moffa Francesco Moffa

I had a very good experience and my Teacher is super great! I was skeptical about the online course, but it turned out to be a valuable option to learn German.

Alexey Mozharov Alexey Mozharov

After living about 10 years in Switzerland and having tried many different language schools, i have finally found a place to hone my German and Swiss German skills. Quite logical teaching method appeals to human brain memorization mechanisms, making language learning so natural, as it used to be with oneself's mother tongue in childhood time. The method is based upon academical linguistic education, as well as personal experience (bilingualism) of the school founder. Many thanks and greetings to Igor!

Dmitry Stalnov Dmitry Stalnov

Very good language school.

Victoria Cherkas Victoria Cherkas

I'm on my second course learning German with vox and enjoying every minute of it! Had 3 different teachers so far and each of them have been super knowledgeable and bring a clear structure to the course, while also keeping an eye on the progress of the students, making sure that they are understanding the topics. Definitely recommend.

Shireen Frei Shireen Frei

The course is going very well, Olga is a great teacher. I'm generally quite happy with the online option, although I prefer face to face. Olga adapts to my needs, corrects my errors spotting. She does her job well and I am making progress.

Cedric Balsiger Cedric Balsiger

(Translated by Google) A modern, "crisp", dynamic, flexible and very likable school, where teaching and working with the behind-the-scenes teams is great fun! A great job that I can definitely recommend (Original) Eine moderne, "knackige", dynamische, flexible und sehr sympathische Schule, an der das Unterrichten und die Zusammenarbeit mit den Teams hinter den Kulissen enormen Spass macht! Ein toller Arbeitsplatz, den ich auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen kann

Ali Raine Ali Raine

I have had an excellent experience during my B2 German course with VOX. Yana is an incredible teacher, she is really encouraging and patient and my German has improved more than I ever could have hoped! Yana made sure that every lesson was tailored towards my needs and really went above and beyond in making sure I was always getting the most out of the course and our lessons - can't thank her enough!!

Donato Sacino Donato Sacino

(Translated by Google) Top instruction, friendly colleagues, exciting tasks (Original) Top Unterrichtungen, sympatische Kollegen, spannende Aufgaben

Abbas Bazzi Abbas Bazzi

I highly recommend VOX-Sprachschule; I am currently finishing my online A1 German course with Olga, and it has been going great so far! Olga is very friendly and professional and makes sure that the classes are interesting and enjoyable. Looking forward to starting my A2 class next month!

Louise hansen Louise hansen

I feel that I am moving towards my goals, and that Priska is a great teacher. I get plenty of speaking practice, which is super. Priska makes sure that I Get the necessary grammatical exercises, and she is great at explaining the grammatical rules.

Jeany Jeany

(Translated by Google) Great communication to find the right course! Super nice teacher who teaches professionally and takes care of your own needs! I will book more courses !! Merci !! (Original) Prima Kommunikation zum Finden des geeigneten Kurses! Super nette Lehrerin, die professionell lehrt und auf die eigenen Bedürfnisse eingeht! Ich werde weitere Kurse buchen!! Merci!!

Marianna Fighera Marianna Fighera

Great learning experience! I recommend this school to anybody who wants to get a step forward with his/her speaking skills. Class size of 3 to 5 students allows you to take advantage of every minute of the lessons.

Ekaterina Gritskova Ekaterina Gritskova

(Translated by Google) Very satisfied! Thank you! Gladly again (Original) Sehr zufrieden! Danke! Gerne wieder

Paweł Zuzelski Paweł Zuzelski

I learnt Russian with Vox-Sprachschule. Currently I learn German and Arabic with them. They have very professional teachers, and individual flexible approach to students. I'd especially like to recommend Mr Botchkarev as a teacher to people who think they are bad at learning languages. Mr. Botchkarev will not only teach you the language, but also will learn you how to learn languages.

Greta Podelyte Greta Podelyte

A really great school and the team. The teaching method works!

Besjana Ukaj Besjana Ukaj

(Translated by Google) Top advice before registration and also during the course, the support was great. Always well communicated and informed. We had to change course at short notice and the school found a solution very quickly and easily. The teacher (Olga) always took the necessary time and conveyed the school material very well. (Original) Topp Beratung vor der Anmeldung und auch während dem Kurs war die Betreuung super. Immer super kommuniziert und informiert. Wir mussten kurzfristig den Kurs ändern und die Schule hat sehr schnell und unkompliziert eine Lösung gefunden. Die Lehrerin (Olga) hat sich immer die nötige Zeit genommen und den Schulstoff sehr gut rüber gebracht.

Sophie Nguyen Sophie Nguyen

I am very happy with Cristina’s courses, she is always very dynamic, always pays attention to both our grammar and pronunciation, and makes all of us practice speaking.


I am extremely satisfied with Laura’s lessons. I loved her method and I improved a lot. The course was perfect with her, she is a great teacher and I am truly thankful to her for what I have learned. I would definitely recommend VOX Schule to other people. Small classes for qualitative results.

Dave Imhof Dave Imhof

(Translated by Google) Within a very short time I learned the basics of the Spanish language at the VOX and had a lot of fun! My teacher has adapted the approach and content to my needs, which makes it easier to get started in a new language and keeps your interest and motivation high. The school also scores with a very central location and high flexibility in the organization of appointments - overall I am very satisfied :) (Original) Innerhalb von sehr kurzer Zeit lernte ich an der VOX die Grundzüge der spanischen Sprache und hatte dabei eine ganze Menge Spass! Meine Lehrerin hat die Vorgehensweise und Inhalte stark auf meine Bedürfnisse angepasst, was den Einstieg in eine neue Sprache einerseits erleichtert und das Interesse & Motivation hoch hält. Die Schule punktet zudem mit einem sehr zentralen Standort und hoher Flexibilität bei der Organisation der Termine - insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden :)

Polina Poluektova Polina Poluektova

Great teachers, flexible schedule, convenient location - I enjoyed my German B2 and C1 classes I had with VOX.

Martynas Savickas Martynas Savickas

Great school and a fantastic service! A+

Grzegorz Dziuban Grzegorz Dziuban

Very good results and a great customer service. Will attend future courses.

Allard Duursma Allard Duursma

I could not be more happy with my French course. The instructor really knows how teach a language. The course is well structured, but the teacher also knows how to improvise when this makes sense. Even though I am a beginner, I feel like I can already practice my speaking right away during this course. The teacher is both very friendly and professional. This course not only efficiently helps me to improve my French, it also makes learning fun! A nice added advantage of Vox is that they make signing up super easy without any unnecessary admisntrative hassle.

Emil Virag Emil Virag

I was taking individual classes and I had good teacher during the training. More focus on practical learning vs. overkill with grammar.

edot s edot s

I have taken two classes with Isabel - b1 and b2 German and i have been very happy with both. She’s an excellent and compassionate teacher. I like the emphasis on communication - reading, writing and speaking. I like the online format, and the teaching materials. I‘ve learned a lot and will consider a Vox class when I continue.

Victoria Renggli Victoria Renggli

Locations is perfect! Teachers are very professional and just cool ;) Recommend this school in any aspect!

Nikita Naidenov Nikita Naidenov

Very professional and individual approach to the students

Daniel Caspar Daniel Caspar

(Translated by Google) I am currently attending a business English course, as well as individual lessons. flexible, uncomplicated, solution-oriented! Registration with desired dates possible, which also brought me to VOX. Group courses with max. 5 participants ensure quick progress. I can also recommend private lessons. The teachers know how to motivate and are technically top! (Original) Ich besuche zur Zeit einen Business-Englischkurs, ebenso parallel dazu Einzellektionen. flexibel, unkompliziert, lösungsorientiert! Anmeldung mit Wunschterminen möglich, was mich auch zu VOX gebracht hat. Gruppenkurse mit max. 5 Teilnehmern sorgen für schnelles Weiterkommen. Ebenfalls kann ich Privatlektionen weiterempfehlen. Die Lehrerinnen und Lehrer verstehen es zu motivieren und sind fachlich top!

idolezal idolezal

Good school with enthusiastic and well-prepared teachers. Working in small groups is efficient.

Natalia Moskalenko Natalia Moskalenko

(Translated by Google) I took private lessons in German at VOX Sprachschule and was able to achieve very good results in a short time. My teacher Saskia was very friendly, competent and uncomplicated. She put together an individual program for me, which addressed my weaknesses and we mainly concentrated on speaking. The location of the school is very central and the rooms have high ceilings with lots of light. So I found the atmosphere very pleasant. In summary, I can highly recommend the school if you want to get results quickly. (Original) Ich habe Privatunterricht in Deutsch bei VOX Sprachschule genommen und konnte in einer kurzen Zeit sehr gute Ergebnisse erzielen. Meine Lehrerin Saskia war sehr freundlich, kompetent und unkompliziert. Sie hat für mich ein individuelles Programm zusammengestellt, welches auf meine Schwächen eingegangen ist und wir haben uns vor allem auf das Sprechen konzentriert. Die Lage der Schule ist sehr zentral und die Räume haben hohe Decken mit viel Licht. Ich fand die Atmosphäre daher sehr angenehm. Zusammenfassend kann ich die Schule sehr empfehlen, wenn man schnell Ergebnisse erzielen möchte.

Michaela Cerimovic Michaela Cerimovic

(Translated by Google) I completed an online one-to-one course in English level B2 and I am very satisfied. Communication with the teacher is very easy and I have benefited extremely. The school is very professional and the course has a logical structure and good school materials. Very motivating. Thanks to the VOX language school! (Original) Habe einen Online Einzel-Kurs absolviert in Englisch Level B2 und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Kommunikation mit der Lehrerin ist sehr einfach und ich habe extrem profitiert. Die Schule arbeitet sehr professionell und der Kurs hat einen logischen Aufbau und gute Schulmaterialien. Sehr motivierend. Danke an die VOX Sprachschule!

B Miranda B Miranda

I had the pleasure of attending both a group course and individual private lesson with Vox Sprache. In both cases, I had the opportunity to practise and improve my speaking skills. There is difference between learning theory and actually articulating the language. I like to share that my private lessons with Isabelle have been such a positive experience. She prepared and tailored the lessons specifically for my needs. She was consistently attentive to help me improve my language skills. As a result of this experience, I feel more comfortable communicating with native speakers and better prepared for my B1 mündlichen Prüfung. Thank you Isabelle for not only teaching me but also motivating me throughout the course. Your passion for teaching is filter through in every lesson. Thank you.

Leyla Meier Leyla Meier

I would like to express my satisfaction with the school in general and my German teacher, Ms. Olga Chincholle, in particular. Starting from a prompt and highly organized reception and course orientation, followed by professionalism of my teacher - everything is perfect so far. The most important is the fact, that the course is fully oriented towards my personal level and needs. I'm glad to have this experience!

Julián Esteban Gomez Julián Esteban Gomez

Excellent VOX to learn German and especially with the teacher Nathalie N. ! Clean and tidy rooms, professional and pedagogical teacher, small groups and very nice people ! Thank you very much VOX !

Saulius Nariūnas Saulius Nariūnas

Highly recommend it!!

Stella Joyce Stella Joyce

I was taking a C2 English course at the VOX language school to prepare for a Toefl exam. The school is located in the heart of the city right on Central square. After my request for a C2 level course, I was quickly given a recommendation about who would be the best teacher for me. I was being introduced to Tatiana who is a great teacher and she helped me out in any way I needed her. I didn’t have much time for my exam preparation, but Tatiana made sure we covered everything for the exam just in time. All in all, I would highly recommend studying at VOX language school and would definitely join again if I wanted to improve or learn another language!

Julia Burgi Julia Burgi

VOX is not the cheapest language school in Zurich, but the quality makes it worth the price. The teachers are well-qualified and kind, and the small class size and mindful composition is much appreciated. Their administration has also been swiftly responsive to any scheduling or other issues raised.

Cesar Izzat Cesar Izzat

Review from my partner Kathleen Izzat I do feel that I am moving towards my goals with this language course and there is enough speaking practice. The lessons are interesting and Priska is very friendly and patient, often encouraging the students to find or to work out the correct answer by ourselves initially, then using help from co-students before stepping in to assist and advise. We are given plenty of relevant, everyday examples of the language in use and are supported well when we try to use German to describe our own experiences and thoughts. Looking back through the course book I can see that the new information being provided very cleverly flows throughout each chapter, as well as from chapter to chapter - it’s a well written course book. I would however, as a memory aid, prefer the book to be more colourful (for example, as in Hueber’s Schritte plus series) but that’s just my own preference. It’s not a problem though and it forces me to make my own notes, but that does take up a lot of home time on this intensive course. Overall though I am very pleased with this course

Charlotte Iványi Charlotte Iványi

Very personal service, good organization and high quality of the lessons, even if they were taught online. We covered a whole level within one course and I noticed the difference right away in real life conversations!!! Within a few weeks I was able to refresh all the knowledge I already had and actively build on this, which is exactly what my goal was! The lessons were in a small group, which is very nice as you meet new people and can practice together, but the group is still small enough to get personal attention. There is a very good balance between speaking, grammar and vocabulary in every lesson. As part of the course you get a book that is okay (I would like some more grammar explanation in the book, it is mostly exercises), however there are a lot of good exercises that we were not able to cover all during the course, which allows you to keep practicing even after the course. What I appreciated most is the tips from the teacher about common phrases and swiss terms, that only a native speaker can tell you and you definitelly do not get through platforms like DuoLingo that I was using before! All with all definitely very happy I joined the course :)

Cesare Mattia Eternini Cesare Mattia Eternini

Really enjoyed the A1 course with Hanna. She's always been very patient and available to explain things several times when needed.

René K. René K.

(Translated by Google) Last autumn I took private lessons in French for several weeks and was very satisfied with the support and preparation of the language teacher. We made the course very dynamic and focused on speaking. On the one hand, he recognized individual weaknesses and placed the learning focus on them, and on the other hand, he was always able to answer spontaneous questions about the French language confidently and well. I can definitely recommend the language school without reservation! (Original) Im letzten Herbst habe ich über mehrere Wochen Privatstunden in Französisch besucht und war mit der Betreuung und Vorbereitungs des Sprachlehrers sehr zufrieden. Wir haben den Kurs sehr dynamisch ausgestaltet und den Fokus aufs Sprechen gelegt. Dabei hat er einerseits individuelle Schwächen erkannt und darauf den Lernfokus gelegt und andererseits konnte er immer wieder auftauchende Spontanfragen zur französischen Sprache stets souverän und gut beantworten. Kann die Sprachschule auf jeden Fall uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen!

Walter Leven Walter Leven

(Translated by Google) I can only agree with the positive reviews. Everything is going perfectly, from the first contact to the class. I am currently doing a Swiss German course. My teacher Silvan studied languages ​​and addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the student. He pays great attention to little things. The lessons are relaxed and a lot of fun. After six weeks I made good progress which motivates me further. I can fully recommend the VOX language school. (Original) Kann mich den positiven Bewertungen nur anschliessen. Es läuft alles perfekt, vom Erstkontakt bis zum Unterricht. Ich mache gerade einen Schweizerdeutschkurs. Mein Lehrer Silvan hat Sprachen studiert und geht auf die Stärken und Schwächen des Schülers ein. Er achtet sehr auf Kleinigkeiten. Der Unterricht ist locker und macht echt viel Spass. Nach sechs Wochen habe ich schon gute Fortschritte gemacht die mich weiter motivieren. Ich kann die VOX Sprachschule uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

Paulina Paulina

I have a pleasure to be a student of Isabelle and it’s the best language learning experience I have ever got. Professionalism, passion, friendliness, openness, effectiveness! I highly recommend!

Nicole Ariano Nicole Ariano

(Translated by Google) I am very satisfied with the language course - the teachers are very professional and I was able to improve my English skills a lot as a result. Many Thanks! (Original) Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Sprachkurs - Die Leher sind sehr professionell und ich konnte meine Englischkenntnisse dadurch stark verbessern. Vielen Dank!

Darragh Meaney Darragh Meaney

I started learning german 1:1 with Kristina before COVID hit and everything was forced to close, I've been really impressed how quickly Vox set everything up for me to be able to continue my studies remotely via Zoom. I'm able to use my time productively and continue learning German. Thanks for everything! Darragh

Liesl Cloete Liesl Cloete

My experience with VOX has been incredible. I would recommend you for sure. Michael was extremely good, patient and always came prepared. If I did not understood something, he would take his time and explain again (and sometimes again) without any impatience. Thank you very much for the well planned itenarary and accommodating me in the Corona...🤔..... Times

Martin Meyer Martin Meyer

Excellent value for money and top teacher. This is my second time learning at VOX and my teacher Tatiana is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had. Tatiana tailored the course to my needs and knows how to best support me. Bravo, finally a school and a teacher with passion for what they do.

Miklós Juhász Miklós Juhász

Teachers are great, and the small group size makes sure the classes remain interactive and you are engaged all the time

Grazyna Kosno Grazyna Kosno

This is an amazing experience ☺ I participated in german B2 and now on C1 level. My teacher, Priska, is very good at understanding individual strengths and needs and adapts the lesson accordingly, no matter if in a group or private lesson context. The tempo is intense with homework in between the lessons. The upside is the great progress that you feel which comes in a short period of time. The school is so great that it makes me want to continue studying more languages once I'm happy with my German ☺

Clementine Charles Clementine Charles

Nathalie Nüssli is a wonderful teacher and we were very fortunate to have a great group. I learnt so much more than I would have on my own.

Bartosz Dyśko Bartosz Dyśko

For me Andreas Freihoff is a very professional guy. His class is very interesting and he shares with us important things. I have already learned a lot. I would recommend him to every other person.

detschenso detschenso

(Translated by Google) I have had a really good experience with VOX language school, I attended a B2 English course to prepare for Cambridge First. My teacher (Tatiana) did an excellent job. The classes were held in small groups, which I really liked. In addition to the homework for the course, she also gave me homework for exam preparation, which I found very good. I will definitely attend a course at VOX again one day greetings Nils (Original) Ich habe wirklich gute Erfahrung gemacht mit VOX-Sprachschule, ich besuchte einen B2 Englisch Kurs, um mich auf das Cambridge First vorzubereiten. Meine Lehrerin (Tatiana) machte einen ausgezeichneten Job. Der Unterricht fand in kleinen Gruppen statt, was mir wirklich sehr gefiel. Neben den Hausaufgaben des Kurses gab sie mir auch noch Hausaufgaben für die Prüfungsvorbereitung, was ich sehr gut fand. Ich werde sicher wieder einmal einen Kurs bei VOX besuchen gruss Nils

Maria Martí Maria Martí

I enjoy all of my German lessons and I feel like I am advancing quite fast! The teacher, Maxi, is excellent. He is very thorough and has a vast knowledge of linguistics. I can only recommend VOX-Sprachschule Zürich!

Patrick Mächler Patrick Mächler

A convincing approach and a pleasant team! Students get to train all the linguistic skills (especially speaking) on a regular basis thanks to small group classes. As a teacher, it is really rewarding to be able to focus on the individual student‘s needs.

Robert Szotyori Robert Szotyori

After a few courses at VOX, studying German, I can only recommend it for: 1) the quality / professionalism of the teaching (always prepared, hand-outs if necessary, follow-ups over email if a class is missed and topics / words / concepts promptly addressed the following lessons); 2) flexibility of the teaching and administration; 3) small class size (one of my main selection criteria) which allows for a good practice / feedback for all students; 4) convenient location close to HB (which was a big plus when you are trying to strike a balance with work and other chores). Both teachers I had so far (Coralie and Larissa) were extremely helpful, accurate and kind and helped me moved towards my goals.

Lukas Meier Lukas Meier

(Translated by Google) Very good online course The French course A1 super intensive at Sébastien Pruvost in January 2021. I learned a lot, very good structure of the course and good preparation from Sébastien. I'm really excited about the progress I've made in the short time. The entire A1 level in one month. Top. (Original) Sehr guter online Kurs Der Französisch Kurs A1 superintensiv bei Sébastien Pruvost im Januar 2021. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt sehr guter Aufbau des Kurses und gute Vorbereitung von Sébastien. Bin wirklich begeistert vom Fortschritt den ich gemacht habe in der kurzen Zeit. Das ganze Niveau A1 in einem Monat. Top.

You YouTube You YouTube

My experience with VOX was fantastic. I did a 2 month private online course with Isabel and I was amazed at how much I actually learned in such a short time. She is a very skilled teacher and the lessons were always relaxed and friendly. When I struggled with some of the concepts she was able to really explain the intricate details In an easy way that really helped me progress and really understand what I was learning. I will definitely continue on with VOX and Isabel, I highly recommend their services for learning German.

Anisa Habash Anisa Habash

(Translated by Google) Very professional ...... the teacher is very nice and not far away from the Zurich HB. I can recommend that! 👍🏻 (Original) Sehr professionell......die Lehrerin ist sehr nette und nicht weit weg vom Zürich HB. Das kann ich weiter empfehlen! 👍🏻

Ioana Purdu Ioana Purdu

I am currently learning Norwegian and I have to say this school is the best. My teacher, Kirsten, has a lot of patience and she explains everything good and clear. I am satisfied with the course ( couldn’t be better organised - full flexibility ). I would definitely recommend it.

Anastasia Dara Liaskou Anastasia Dara Liaskou

Highly recommend 😊 After changing various school to learn German, in Vox I had the opportunity to get intensive and super-intensive courses with great teachers. The most advantageous is that all classes are hold with 3-5 people strictly which is the perfect number in order the tuition to be efficient.

Ana Leonor Revenga Shanklin Ana Leonor Revenga Shanklin

This is an excellent language school. I was looking for a flexible program that could accommodate my work and travel schedule, and yet allow me to gain a working knowledge of German fairly quickly. The staff at VOX-sprachschule were incredibly cooperative and helpful. With their assistance I was able to find the right level and schedule for lessons. In my case this was private lessons via video. But am sure the group lessons are excellent as well. The teaching materials and the quality of instruction is really superb. I am especially pleased with my instructor, Isabelle Wegmüller, who is very knowledgeable, patient and fun. I am making good progress and expect to continue on with my lessons for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend this language school.

chiara barbieri chiara barbieri

I had a very good experience with Aida who helped me to find the right course for me, and Silvan as a fantastic teacher for private Swiss German classes on zoom! Very friendly and professional.

Arwen Romano Arwen Romano

It has been an excellent experience working with Cedric and Coralie. I have progressed fast and have had excellent support. I highly recommend VOX and its courses - the best in town. I find the entire set up very professional, excellent quality and highly customer focus.

wp dragon wp dragon

They are best in their profession!!!

Ozzy m Ozzy m

(Translated by Google) I am very happy with my teacher Agnieszka. After each lesson, I notice that I am learning a lot because she does it very well. So my feeling is that the school works with very successful, professional teachers. I recommend the VOX school to anyone who wants to learn a foreign language. (Original) Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Lehrerin Agnieszka. Nach jedem Unterricht merke ich, dass ich viel lerne weil sie das ganze einfach sehr gut macht. Deshalb ist mein Gefühl, dass die Schule mit sehr erfolgreichen, professionellen Lehrern arbeitet. Ich empfehle die Schule VOX jeden, der eine Fremdsprache lernen möchte.

Gov Clayton Gov Clayton

Professional service, excellent teacher! Strongly recommend

Alok Das Alok Das

Vox Sprachschule has been a great service provider for dependable German learning courses. Customer communication has been great and trustworthy. I was able to revise my German lessons taken earlier and feel confident that I will be able to take the A2 Telc exam successfully. My thanks goes to my tutor Isabelle W. who was instrumental in taking me through the paces with her genuine encoragement and knowledgeable inputs. I wish the school and all its tutors all the best.

Mary Vacharidis Mary Vacharidis

I took some swiss-german courses with Silvan per Zoom. It was perfect, efficient, well organised. This school has very friendly teachers. Recommanded.

Lana Svitankova Lana Svitankova

I'm really happy with VOX and Larissa, the lessons are engaging and fun, a lot of speaking practice and grammar. But the most important thing is they care about your experience. Definitely recommending.

Heather Bruderer Heather Bruderer

I am currently doing a B2 German course with 3 other students online. All the other courses I have done in other schools have been in much larger groups. I feel that the course is more tailored to us as individuals and I’m learning more as a result. Agi is an excellent teacher! She explains everything clearly, allows us to practise and corrects our mistakes without destroying confidence. This has been perfect for me as a refresher course but you would have to be motivated to do extra homework if everything were new as the speed is quite fast. I am finally getting to grips with cases and am slowly learning to speak with fewer grammatical errors. I would highly recommend Vox to those who want to learn quickly and want to improve their speaking ability.

Philippe Clement Philippe Clement

(Translated by Google) I had a great teacher with Leah Really great Thank you for the high quality Lg Philippe (Original) Super mit Leah habe ich eine super Lehrerin gehabt Wirklich Top Vielen Danken fur die hoch Qualitat Lg Philippe

Joao de Lima Joao de Lima

Very profissional staff and teachers. The classes are fun and the pace is just right.

Kristina Denser Kristina Denser

(Translated by Google) As a teacher, teaching at VOX gives me incredible pleasure. Not only the organization is great, but also the groups I was allowed to teach were always very dynamic, motivated and entertaining. On the whole an excellent learning atmosphere. (Original) Als Lehrerin bereitet mir das Unterrichten bei VOX unglaubliche Freude. Nicht nur die Organisation ist top, sondern auch die Gruppen, welche ich unterrichten durfte, waren immer sehr dynamisch, motiviert und unterhaltsam. Im Grossen und Ganzen eine ausgezeichnete Lernatmosphäre.

Larissa Riner Larissa Riner

Being a teacher at VOX is a very rich and joyful experience. The VOX method allows the students to get to meet a language from one of the most important sides of it – speaking. Back in the days, when I was learning English and French, a method such as the VOX-method would have helped me a lot and I would have loved to get to know it earlier. VOX provides a learning atmosphere that gives the students a chance to learn a language with a lot of motivation. One of the many advantages is also that the school is located right next to the train station and that is very convenient both for the students and the teachers.


(Translated by Google) I am so happy to be part of the team! A great school with nice cozy rooms, nice working environment and nice students. Together we are happy about every success of our students and they are numerous🤗🎉 (Original) Freue mich riesig ein Teil des Teams zu sein! Eine tolle Schule mit schönen gemütlichen Räumen, nettes Arbeitsklima und nette Schüler. Man freut sich zusammen über jeden Erfolg von unseren Schülern und die sind zahlreich🤗🎉

Nathalie Wechner Nathalie Wechner

(Translated by Google) The teachers are passionately good and you learn the content quickly (Original) Die Lehrer sind leidenschaftlich gut und man lernt den Inhalt schnell

Sina Keller Sina Keller

(Translated by Google) I really liked the course. Our teacher Leah has been very responsive to our goals and needs and has managed to bring them under one roof. I made the greatest progress in speaking. The many conversations during the lessons have enabled me to speak a lot more fluently and has expanded my active vocabulary. With Leah we often looked at the origin of the word, the exact meaning and the “area of ​​use” of new vocabulary, which made it a lot easier for me to remember and understand them. Leah's attentive and personable way of teaching suited me very well. I would go back to class with her in a heartbeat. Nothing comes to my mind spontaneously that could have been done better, except maybe that we only received the books in the middle of the course, which firstly wasn't your fault and secondly didn't bother me at all. Leah managed it great :) (Original) Der Kurs hat mir richtig gut gefallen. Unsere Lehrerin Leah ist super auf unsere Ziele und Bedürfnisse eingegangen und hat es geschafft diese unter einen Hut zu bringen. Den grössten Fortschritt habe ich beim Sprechen gemacht. Die vielen Unterhaltungen während den Lektionen haben es mir ermöglicht nun einiges fliessender sprechen zu können und hat meinen aktiven Wortschatz erweitert. Wir haben mit Leah oft die Wortherkunft, die genaue Bedeutung und den „Verwendungsbereich“ von neuen Vokabeln angeschaut, was es mir enorm erleichtert hat mir diese zu merken und zu verstehen. Leahs aufmerksame und sympathische Art zu unterrichten hat sehr gut zu mir gepasst. Ich würde sofort wieder zu ihr in den Unterricht gehen. Gerade spontan kommt mir nichts in den Sinn, das man hätte besser machen können, ausser vielleicht dass wir die Bücher erst Mitte des Kurses erhalten haben, was erstens nicht euer Fehler war und zweitens gar nicht so gestört hat. Leah hat das super gemanagt :)

Eva Hagn Eva Hagn

(Translated by Google) Very good team, which competently and manifoldly addresses the students and customers. (Original) Sehr gutes Team, das kompetent und vielfältig auf die Studenten und Kunden eingeht.

Larissa Riner Larissa Riner

Being a teacher at VOX is a very rich and joyful experience. The VOX method allows the students to get to meet a language from one of the most important sides of it – speaking. Back in the days, when I was learning English and French, a method such as the VOX-method would have helped me a lot and I would have loved to get to know it earlier. VOX provides a learning atmosphere that gives the students a chance to learn a language with a lot of motivation. One of the many advantages is also that the school is located right next to the main train station and that is very convenient both for the students and the teachers.

rml rml

(Translated by Google) The workout for your language muscles. Fitness for the Speech Muscles - the Vox method convinced me to become part of a great team of teachers. Together we get the students talking. (Original) The workout for your language muscles. Fitness für die Sprechmuskeln – die Vox-Methode überzeugte mich, Teil eines tollen Lehrerteams zu werden. Gemeinsam bringen wir die Studierenden zum Sprechen.

Daniel Stolz Daniel Stolz

(Translated by Google) Good school with a teacher (Marcella) who is very professional. (Original) Bonne école avec un professeur (Marcella) qui est très professionnel.

Jessy Anda Jessy Anda

(Translated by Google) You learn a lot in a short amount of time and quickly achieve success. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to speak a new language. (Original) Man lernt enorm viel in nur kurzer Zeit und erzielt schnell Erfolge. Ich empfehle diese Schule gerne jedem weiter, der eine neue Sprache beherrschen möchte.

style x style x

(Translated by Google) academically trained teachers, pleasant classroom climate, a little thin walls in the building. I can only recommend the school :) (Original) akademisch ausgebildete Lehrer, angenehmes Unterrichtsklima, ein wenig dünne Wände im Gebäude. Die Schule kann ich nur empfehlen :)

Guzel Kh Guzel Kh

I went to VOX for A2-B2 German courses and I plan to continue taking another courses with this school. I did not like classes in Bellingua and Vox, unlike Bellingua, is very flexible and found a perfect option for me. I had a great teacher Nathalie, the groups were always small (2-3 people in my case). So there is enough attention for everyone. We spoke a lot at the class and did not spent time doing boring grammar exercises. What is very important is that the school has adapted very fast and well to the corona-reality. The distant learning is organized perfectly, as well as the classroom learning. I highly recommend Vox!

elodie mermet elodie mermet

I really appreciated to learn at Vox-Sprachschule. Learning in small groups is far more efficient and motivating compared to big groups where the levels of the students are too differents. The organisation was very flexible and fund great solutions to fit both mine and the school interests. They were very reactive against corona situation. I really recommend this school and my great teachers Cedric and Kristina.

Burhan Noman Burhan Noman

Me and my wife took 5 different classes at VOX and we are 100% satisfied with the level of attention and quality of instructions we have recieved during our courses. Both German (A1, A2) and English (C1) classes helped us in ramping up our language skills.

Kelcey Rushing Kelcey Rushing

VOX in general is very well organized and professional. The Zürich location is convenient near the main train station. My teacher Miriam is a wonderful instructor and I can see that she is planning the lessons around what I understand vs. what I need to work on more. She gives the lessons in 100% German and makes everything very clear, explaining in English only if I really don't understand something. I also appreciate that she asks me what I'd prefer to learn about, helps me with pronunciation, recommends videos to watch and books to read, and she has created special worksheets just for me. I could not imagine a better instructor.

Julia Sutter Julia Sutter

Vox Language School has an amazing philosophy when it comes to teaching and language learning. The students are in the centre of attention and their needs and wants are focused on with empathy and interest. The whole team is warm and welcoming and as a teacher I especially appreciate the recognition from my students and boss. I can definitely recommend this school to anyone - students and teachers!


Good teachers trained by Goethe Institute, regular follow-up by Sprachschule, flexibility to adapt the agenda, I am happy with the service and would recommend it

Livia Treff Livia Treff

My first impression was not so good. Right after booking the course the payment slips (with a few days to expire) came promptly to my house and to my e-mail, even before the course start. I paid for 2 hours lessons and ended up having just 1h15min lessons, simply because there were not enough students enrolled in the course. After that, I still had some problems regarding to the lessons. When I finally went there for the first lesson I found no teacher waiting for me. They simply forgot about me and my course. I found it somewhat unprofessional. I'm giving it a four-star rating because of my teacher, Leah, who is wonderful. She has been a great help and making me feel prepared for the C1 Cambridge Exam.

Tanushri Nayak Tanushri Nayak

Highly recommend. I took A1 Deutsch course with Yana. She is wonderful; very patient and encouraging. I never thought of learning so much Deutsch in just a month. Thanks to her. She told me tricks alongwith the grammar principles about understanding and remembering Deutsch words. VOX-Sprachschule offers classroom, and online classes. I took the online one but it felt like classroom only. The course-price is tad bit expensive and I received the course book late hence, 4 stars. But quality-wise, it's top notch. I really appreciate the admin support.

Panteli Peri Panteli Peri

My German A1 course at VOX has been fun and engaging. The teacher here doesn't focus only on teaching you grammar but they also dedicate a lot of time to practice the language through speaking. Overall, I had fun and met some nice people.

Henrik Lysgaard-Jensen Henrik Lysgaard-Jensen

I took a B1 German group course and found it to be really good. VOX Sprachschule is professional and provides good quality. Their teachers are capable of instructing the participants and also provide a fun environment. I have enjoyed the course and can recommend VOX to others. The reason for only ranking it with 4 stars is due to the price. I do not know what other language schools are charging but I found it a bit expensive.

Caroline Blank Caroline Blank

(Translated by Google) I am taking English courses online due to covid. The courses are very well organized with a good management of the computer tool: send a link for the connection, share the screen if necessary to see documents or videos and what I particularly appreciate is the sending at the end of all the course documents by whatsapp. I highly recommend. The only downside is the organization (by email and / or phone), at the beginning I was in contact with several different people, until everything fell into place. (Original) Je suis des cours d'anglais en ligne en raison du covid. Les cours sont très bien organisés avec une bonne gestion de l'outil informatique: envoie du lien pour la connexion, partage de l'écran si nécessaire pour voir des documents ou des vidéos et ce que j'apprécie particulièrement, c'est l'envoi à la fin de tous les documents du cours par whatsapp. Je conseille vivement. Le seul bémol est l'organisation (par mail et/ou téléphone), au début j'ai été en contact avec plusieurs personnes différentes, jusqu'à ce que tout se mette en place.

Neill Brennan Neill Brennan

I’ve done 3 courses with Vox Sprachschule over the past 2 years with a different teacher each time. Overall I’ve had a very positive experience and found that the staff are very knowledgable and helpful. This year the classes moved to an online forum and the transition was seamless and just as valuable as a face to face lesson. My only criticism is that an entrance exam is not required to determine student level. For this reason I’d recommend that those seeking a course ensure their level is appropriate for the content.

romina kälin romina kälin

(Translated by Google) Highly recommended (Original) Sehr empfehlenswert

Natascha Krzemien Natascha Krzemien

(Translated by Google) My experiences with VOX are very positive. The teachers are very responsive to the needs of the students and tune the lessons very well to the goals that you want to achieve. The progress can be felt, but also depends on your own motivation and the effort that you put in addition to the lessons. The appointment coordination was always very uncomplicated and cooperative. (Original) Meine Erfahrungen mit VOX sind sehr positiv. Die Lehrer gehen sehr gut auf die Bedürfnisse der Schüler ein und stimmen den Unterricht sehr gut auf die Ziele, die man erreichen möchte, ab. Die Fortschritte sind spürbar, hängen aber auch sehr von der eigenen Motivation ab und dem Aufwand, den man neben dem Unterricht hineinsteckt. Die Terminkoordination war immer sehr unkompliziert und kooperativ.

Raphael Marty Raphael Marty

(Translated by Google) I am very satisfied with the selection of the VOX language school. I learned a lot in a very short time and can only recommend it. (Original) Bin Sehr zufrieden mit der Auswahl der VOX-Sprachschule . Habe in kürze sehr viel gelernt und kann es nur weiterempfehlen.

Rass Mass Rass Mass


Peer Günther Peer Günther

(Translated by Google) My experience with the VOX language school is very mixed. Basically, I unfortunately cannot recommend the language school with a clear conscience. I attended the school in October 2020 as part of an A1 French super-intensive course. administration The administration is very chaotic. When booking the course, several employees told me that the organization of the French course was very complicated. It was said that there were supposedly not enough participants. The start of the course was then confirmed at the beginning of October, but the course location (Zurich or Winterthur) was not certain. On the Friday before the start of the course, it was announced that the course would only start later due to the lack of teachers. You would get in touch by Monday. Nothing happened! Only after escalation via the managing director was I able to find out that the course was taking place in Zurich with a two-week delay. When the course started, I exchanged ideas with my classmates. They registered a long time ago and selected Winterthur as their course location. Lt. According to her, there are no interested parties in Winterthur, which is why the course is being held in Zurich. Why the administration always spoke of a lack of participants etc. is still unclear today. In Winterthur the course fees would have been around 300CHF cheaper, maybe it was because you preferred to take the course to Zurich? At the beginning of the course, a fortnight after the originally planned start, neither the textbooks nor copies were available. This continued for the first few days of the course. The last student did not receive his book until a week after the course started. Here, too, it is unclear why the literature was not ordered early enough. According to the online availability display, the textbook was available in nearby bookshops. Here you could have gone the extra mile and, if necessary, organized the book from a local dealer instead of via bulk purchase. The costs are also questionable. Obviously, not all participants paid the same course price. As far as I know, I was charged the highest tariff. This policy is extremely questionable and non-transparent. (Incidentally, the above observations were made in the follow-up courses - level A2. They therefore seem to have a system.) Furnishing The rooms were quite small, but sufficient for a group of three people plus a teacher. I was a little horrified when the class was supposed to take place in the kitchen (!) On one day. Our teacher pulled out all the stops to get a normal classroom at short notice. The switch to online lessons was also delayed by a day. Here, too, the administration seemed overwhelmed. classes The lessons themselves were good. Our teacher, Michaela, tried extremely hard. We had a pleasant mix of grammar, vocabulary and lots of conversation. The main focus was on grammar. A textbook with levels A1-A2 was used here. The course is "super-intensive" - ​​accordingly, progress is extremely fast. Depending on the time and type of learner, you should be clear about this. For me, the pace and the content were right in any case. Thanks to the great commitment and motivation of Michaela, I was able to make very good progress. Follow-up courses The language school's Halloween campaign made the rope break. As a student, you received an email with generous discounts (up to CHF 675) on online courses. When you asked here by phone, you were told that this offer was only valid for new customers. Then why do you send such offers to existing customers? Conclusion The administration is a total disaster and highly unprofessional. The teachers are great and the learning success is definitely there. The price-performance ratio is far from right. On the positive side, it should be noted that you could always contact the owner of the school by email or phone. (Original) Meine Erfahrung mit der VOX-Sprachschule ist sehr zwiegespalten. Im Grunde kann ich die Sprachschule leider nicht guten Gewissens weiterempfehlen. Die Schule habe ich im Oktober 2020 im Rahmen eines A1 Französisch Superintensiv-Kurs besucht. Administration Die Administration ist sehr chaotisch. Bei Kursbuchung lagen einem mehrere Mitarbeiter in den Ohren, dass die Organisiation des Französischkurses sehr kompliziert sei. Es hiess, es gäbe angeblich nicht genügend Teilnehmende. Anschliessend bestätigte man den Kursstart per Anfang Oktober, der Kursort (Zürich oder Winterthur) stand aber nicht fest. Am Freitag vor Kursbeginn wurde Mitgeteilt, dass der Kurs mangels Lehrer allenfalls erst später beginnen würde. Man würde sich bis Montag melden. Passiert ist nichts! Erst nach Eskalation über den Geschäftsführer konnte ich in Erfahrung bringen, dass der Kurs mit zweiwöchiger Verspätung in Zürich stattfindet. Als der Kurs begann, tauschte ich mich mit meinen Mitschülern aus. Diese haben sich schon vor sehr langer Zeit angemeldet und als Kursort Winterthur ausgewählt. Lt. ihrer Aussage gäbe es keine Kursinteressenten für Winterthur, weshalb man den Kurs in Zürich stattfinden lasse. Wieso die Verwaltung stets von mangelnden Teilnehmenden etc. gesprochen hat ist bis heute unklar. In Winterthur wären die Kursgebühren um ca. 300CHF günstiger gewesen, vielleicht lag es daran, dass man den Kurs lieber nach Zürich gelegt hat? Zu Kursbeginn, vierzehn Tage nach eigentlich geplantem Start, standen weder die Lehrbücher noch Kopien zur Verfügung. Dies hielt für die ersten Tage des Kurses an. Der letzte Schüler erhielt sein Buch erst eine Woche nach Kursstart. Auch hier ist unklar, wieso die Literatur nicht entsprechend frühzeitig bestellt wurde. In umliegenden Buchhandlungen war das Lehrbuch gemäss Online-Verfügbarkeitsanzeige verfügbar. Hier hätte man die Extrameile gehen können und notfalls das Buch bei einem lokalen Händler statt via Grossbezug organisieren können. Ebenfalls fragwürdig sind die Kosten. Offensichtlich haben nicht alle Teilnehmenden den gleichen Kurspreis gezahlt. Soweit ich im Bilde bin, wurde mir der höchste Tarif berechnet. Diese Politik ist äusserst fragwürdig und intransparent. (Die o.g. Beobachtungen sind übrigens bei den Folgekursen - Niveau A2 - gemacht worden. Sie scheinen somit System zu haben.) Ausstattung Die Zimmer waren recht klein, aber für eine Gruppe von drei Personen plus Lehrperson ausreichend. Etwas entsetzt war ich, als der Unterricht an einem Tag in der Küche (!) stattfinden sollte. Unsere Lehrperson hat alle Hebel in Bewegung gesetzt, um kurzfristig noch einen normalen Klassenraum zu bekommen. Die Umstellung auf Online-Unterricht erfolgte auch mit einem Tag Verzögerung. Auch hier schien die Administration überfordert. Unterricht Der Unterricht selbst war gut. Unsere Lehrperson, Michaela, war extrem bemüht. Wir hatten einen angenehmen Mix von Grammatik, Vokabular und vielen Gesprächen. Der grosse Fokus lag auf der Grammatik. Hier wurde ein Lehrbuch mit Niveau A1-A2 eingesetzt. Der Kurs ist "Superintensiv" - entsprechend geht es extrem schnell voran. Je nach Zeit und Lerntyp sollte man sich darüber im klaren sein. Für mich hat das Tempo und der Inhalt in jedem Fall gepasst. Dank dem tollen Einsatz und der Motivation von Michaela, konnte ich sehr gute Fortschritte machen. Folgekurse Den Strick zum Reissen gebracht hat die Halloween-Aktion der Sprachschule. Man erhielt als Schüler ein E-Mail mit grosszügigen Rabatten (bis zu 675 CHF) auf Online-Kurse. Als man sich hier telefonisch erkundigt hat, wurde einem mitgeteilt, dass dieses Angebot nur für Neukunden gültig sei. Wieso sendet man dann solche Angebote an Bestandskunden? Fazit Die Administration ist eine Vollkatastrophe und höchst unprofessionell. Die Lehrkräfte sind super und der Lernerfolg ist auf jeden Fall vorhanden. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis stimmt jedoch bei Weitem nicht. Positiv bleibt anzumerken, dass man mit dem Inhaber der Schule stets per Mail bzw. telefonisch in Austausch treten konnte.


I was very happy with my teacher! (Please do not confuse this) but not at all with the administration of this school... everything is done online and virtually, there is no front desk... there is nobody to take charge when there is a seroius problem. They insist to give good reviews and to take more lessons because the aim of the school is money like everything else in Zurih.

Salome Vanegas Salome Vanegas

(Translated by Google) Unfortunately I expected much more from this school. I started a French A1 course and the only thing I learned was grammar. If I don't know a single word of French, how am I going to use grammar? Very disappointed and after all I paid 1,700 francs. I do not recommend it. (Original) Lastimosamente espere mucho mas de esta escuela. Empece un curso de Frances A1 y lo unico que aprendi fue gramatica. Si no conozco ni una sola palabra de frances como voy a usar la gramatica? Muy decepcionada y tras de todo pague 1.700 francos. No la recomiendo.

ma ma ma ma

(Translated by Google) This school is a disaster by telephone. Information is not given in detail. (Original) Telefonisch ist diese Schule eine Katastroph. Infos werden nicht ausführlich gegeben.

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