Course Prices and Types


CHF 2250
CHF 2250
  • 3 monthly parts of CHF 750.-
  • 1 Month
  • 5 Lessons per Week
  • 135 min. per Lesson
  • 20 Lessons
  • Max. 5 Participants


CHF 2160
CHF 2160
  • 3 monthly parts of CHF 720.-
  • 2 Months
  • 3 Lessons per Week
  • 120 min. per Lesson
  • 24 Lessons
  • Max. 5 Participants


CHF 1980
CHF 1980
  • 3 monthly parts of CHF 660.-
  • 3 Months
  • 2 Lessons per Week
  • 90 Min. per Lesson
  • 24 Lessons
  • Max. 5 Participants


CHF 120
CHF 120
  • 120 CHF per 60 min.
  • Semi-Private Lessons 75.-/h
  • Flexible Course Length
  • Individual Targets
  • Full Attention of the Teacher
  • Max. 1 Participant

I learned Russian with Vox. Currently I attend Arabic classes there and I make fast progress. From my experience, the school has teachers passionate about teaching languages, who adjust the methodology to the needs of individual students. I have not only learned a language there, but also how to learn languages. I recommend Vox Sprachschule to all language learners.

Paweł Zuzelski - Software Engineer at Google Switzerland

Before I could pick up a language only in the pub and never in a traditional language school. The method of teaching at VOX is the first exception I found, I could progress faster then ever before. In the beginning it might be a bit surprising for anybody who is used to normal language schools, but it's well in line with the current scientific understanding of learning.

Csaba Andras - Software Engineer at Google Switzerland

Vox-Sprachschule is using a methodology that helps learn grammar without any difficulties and gives very useful tricks how to remember all rules without learning them by heart. This methodology teaches you to think in a learned language not translate word for word.

Ekaterina Stalnova - Hair Stylist

Our Advantages

  • Professional Teachers

    You will be taught only by professional teachers with university background.

  • Learn To Speak?

    Speaking is at the core of our teaching method.

  • Max. 5 Participants

    We emphasize quality of teaching, that's why we form groups of max. 5 participants.

  • Central Location

    Our School is directly at the Railway Station Winterthur opposite the Archhöfe shopping mall.

Our Team

Only professional teachers with university background


German, French, Spanish, Swiss German, Russian Teacher

The biggest challenge in learning languages is to become a child again. We'll help you with that!


English Teacher

Coralie Aschwanden

German, Swiss German and Italian Teacher

Nadine Brantschen

German and English Teacher

Cristina Kaiser

German, Russian and Romanian Teacher

Nathalie Nüssli

German, English, French Teacher

Miriam Bastian

German and Latin Teacher

Valentina Carlini

English, French, Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek Teacher

Solange Morel

German, Swiss German and English Teacher

Cedric Balsiger

German, English and Spanish Teacher


English and Russian Teacher

Sara Saltalamacchia

German and Italian Teacher

Wendy Jost

German, English and French Teacher


German, English and Norwegian Teacher


Spanish Teacher


German und Spanish Teacher

Maximiliano Nigg

German, English, French, Spanish, Latin Teacher

Samina Fayyaz

German, Portuguese and Hindi Teacher


French and Italian Teacher

Litong Liu

English and Chinese Teacher

Vanessa Álvarez Schröder

English- and Spanish- Teacher

Nicola Giovagnoli

English, French, Spanish and Italian Teacher

Olga Sotnikova

English Teacher

Isabel Rodrigues

German, Swiss German, English, Portuguese Teacher

Vera Liechti

German, Swiss German, French and Spanish Teacher

Tanja Müller

German, French and Spanish Teacher

Olga Chincholle

German, French and Polish Teacher

Nataly Lantz

German and English Teacher

Agnieszka Gerber

English, Russian and Polish Teacher

Daniel Margiotta

German Teacher

Gwendolyn Versluis

Dutch Teacher

Sophie Boissonneau


Iuliana Belova

Modern and Classic Hebrew Teacher

Rebekka Nänny

German, Swiss German and English Teacher

Silvan Plattner

German, English and Swiss German Teacher

Silvia Vuilleumier

Russian Teacher

Priska Sturzenegger

German Teacher

Gabriela Hirt

German, English and Spanish Teacher

May Drewes

German and English Teacher

Kristina Denser

German and English Teacher

Rebekka Bangerter

German, Swiss German and Spanish Teacher

Sébastien Pruvost

German, French and Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher

Mosè Schwarz

English, French and Italian Teacher

Julia Sutter

German and English Teacher

Selina Jenni

German, Swiss German, French and Spanish Teacher

Larissa Riner

German Teacher


Portuguese and Spanish Teacher

Zinaida Ankudinova

German and Russian Teacher


French and Arabic Teacher


English Teacher

Michael Stähli

German and Spanish Teacher