Speaking Boost

Receive a call from a talented linguist who will speak just like a friend or colleague

Talk via WhatsApp no matter where and how busy you are! Boost your conversation skills and speaking confidence with a wide range of topics.

Speaking Practice

Is this course for you?

Do you want to improve your speaking quickly but you don’t have much time? We have the perfect solution! Regular speaking practice is crucial for boosting your language skills and here at VOX we recommend that all our students speak for at least 15 minutes a day in order to see a fast improvement in their speaking. With our 15 minutes a day WhatsApp conversation courses you can practise speaking with a teacher daily for 15 minutes at a time that suits you.

This course is perfect if you’re struggling to fit language practice into your daily routine or if you want an extra conversation boost alongside your language course. Anyone can find 15 minutes to practise! Sounds good? You’ll arrange a convenient time in advance and a teacher will call you for a conversation via WhatsApp.

Our talented linguists with a university background will help you converse about a wide range of topics daily and after the conversation they will provide you with a written summary of new vocabulary learnt, and also your mistakes along with some tips to reduce errors in the future. We think you’ll be surprised how quickly you improve.

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University class teachers

You will be taught only by carefully selected teachers with a university background in linguistics.

Focus on speaking

Speaking is at the core of our teaching method - it is only by speaking that you can learn to speak.

Around the world

Take part in our VOX speaking course from anywhere in the world. Keep having fun speaking a foreign language even when you’re on a business trip or vacation

Create a powerful habit

To learn to speak, you need to flood your brain with linguistic information on a daily basis. This way it recognises that the new language is an important part of your life and it will help you learn even faster.


  • 1 month
  • 5 lessons per week
  • 20 conversation sessions of 15 minutes per month
  • Diverse topics
  • Boost your speaking skills by building a habit
  • Free pdf document with useful vocabulary and grammar after every lesson
  • Full price CHF 380.-

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